Autumn 2012: The most current trends of beauty

Make-up - one of the components of our everyday image.Many of us neglect this.To return to the inspiration see movies with Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and other divas.They - the embodiment of femininity and elegance.We offer you a list of fashion trends in make-up.Try, experiment!

Smoky eyes

No, it's not smoky-eye (although it is still topical).This shade of gray, blue or green colors (depending on the color of the eye), applying a thin layer, but enough to create a color.Shadows created some haze, which does look mysterious and vivid.For example, as in the show Jason Wu.

Arrows Arrows - a unique tool for women.His eyes are expressive, and long legs.Arrows are relevant and in make-up and clothes.Thin and wide, black and color.It all depends on the time of day and the effect you want to achieve.Aggression or coquetry?What you select.


Few can boast a slight pinkish blush.And it was thanks to him we look healthy and rested.Therefore, who can not boast imitate.Pick a shade of pink that suits you, and apply a thin layer on the cheeks.You will see how you are converted.

Crimson color

lips dark shades are relevant in this season.Such an Gothic beauty.This trend is for the brave.Choose the right color.If red is not for you, then dark red - is also possible.Decide on the tone.However, this trend does visually older.

Neutral makeup

This makeup does not go out of fashion all year round.Perfect skin, pinkish-brown shades, at least mascara and gloss.All you need to create a light makeup.Easy in the sense of perception, not performance.Sometimes a makeup done far more complicated than any bright.The most successful, in our opinion, can be seen on the show Reed Krakoff.

orange shade

Orange hit the top trends of the season.And not only in clothing.And not only young designers used orange shade for their shows, but also the old-timers such as Donna Karan.And in conjunction with a business suit.

Fashion Nails

For girls who are always looking for new ideas for manicure, we have prepared a small survey.After all, we can not be without a well-groomed hands.And if you're not fond of bright makeup, then manicure - a vast field for experimentation.Disliked - sr.

Colors in manicure repeated fashion trends in color clothes - gold, dark colors: black, red, gray, blue, green, brown, and lightweight versions: white, beige, light pink.

For connoisseurs of nail art designers proposed to change the classic French manicure.So, off the classics.French manicure was the color.What else but white: black, blue, pink, blue, green, yellow.This is easy to do a manicure at home.From experience I can say that colored lacquer to do a French manicure much easier than white.And also relevant colored tips with color base.For example, black base and gold french.Very true.

And color transitions.The color gradient has been used in a number of the collection, and now the actual gradient and manicure.

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