Customs declaration and its registration

This article will be considered such an important document as the customs declaration.Who should fill it?How to do it correctly?All this we will describe below, but for now let's take a look at the basic requirements of the Russian Federal Customs (FCS) to tourists (individuals crossing the border of the country).

What does Customs?

service performs the following functions:

  1. controls and oversees the imported goods.To this end and fills the customs declaration.
  2. combats smuggling.
  3. implement foreign exchange controls.

What can be imported?

free, ie without payment of duties and taxes (customs declaration is also not necessary), has the right to bring into the territory of our country unaccompanied luggage with goods, the total value of which - not more than 1.5 thousand. Euros, and the total weight -up to 50 kilograms.

If these standards are exceeded, you will require a customs declaration and payment of a fee.Her uniform rate of 30% of the price specified in your completed document.Set to the minimum value of one kilo - 4 euros.

Restrictions on transportation of alcoholic products are: per person over 18 years - no more than three liters.If you are traveling more, for each excess of three to five liters will have to pay a fixed rate - 10 euros per liter is exceeded.

If you have reached the age of majority and wish to smuggle across the border tobacco free, then take no more than 200 cigarettes, and not more than fifty cigars.Restrictions apply to the weight of tobacco - no more than 250 grams.

If you are entering the territory of the Customs Union

In this case, customs duties not paid the fare:

  • received a legacy of products for use by natural persons, if it is a national of a State outside the Union (the fact of the entry intoSuccession will need to be documented);
  • used goods for personal use belonging to refugees, internally displaced and moved to State of the Union for permanent residence.

customs declaration

This section advance to warn the reader that he needs to know in filling this important document.So you save yourself from wasting time at customs.

  1. customs declaration is carried out in duplicate.
  2. Fills all the passenger.
  3. Entries made in English or Russian, pen and legibly.
  4. If a customs officer gives permission, some information in the declaration can be changed.In this case, some corrections shall be signed by physical persons and Customs seal.
  5. If you have crossed the square of the response is equal to the positive response, if left empty - to the negative.
  6. When specifying the direction of movement of goods, remember that the transit of the cargo must be crossed out, not only the corresponding field, but also the word "entry" or "exit."
  7. If the goods are moving a person under the age of majority, the customs declaration is filled with accompanying person.

Fill this paper is simple.Where will you arrange it (for example, at the airport), usually posted detailed information on what you need to declare and how to do it.