Party in the style of "dudes" - the original script!

to have a party in the style of "dudes", you need to pay special attention to the walls.One of them should be bright red and decorated with colorful scarves and ties.As well as pictures of the US dollar and saxophone.The second wall - gray, Soviet badges, tie pioneers.

Clothing for the event a party in the style of "dudes"

Photos from this event demonstrates what should be the clothes.Girls in bright skirts with colored belts on waists.You can tie a scarf or wear a rim on the head.The guys in plaid, bright jackets, shirts, colored ties - the card mods.

party in the style of "Dudes": the script competition and entertainment

will need to be pre-purchased ribbon - red and variegated, length and number depend on how much will participants.It is important that each had the tapes (two).Ties should be bright and made of thick fabric.Putting guests ties and tape, leading people committed to mods.


Lead selects 4 guests.It will take 4 tie, certainly striking that tied the easiest way.Lead acts as a Commissioner.He will have to cut a piece of tie to those who do not have time to answer the question.At the end of the length of the tie is compared - one long, what a motley band, and the rest - red.Thus there is a final initiation into dudes.

party in the style of "dudes" - questions to the quiz from the same movie

Commissioner asks questions, who is the first answer - the tie will remain intact.

1. Fred gave Mels book, what?(Kama Sutra)

2. Mels earned to buy a stilyazhnuyu clothes.How does it work?(Unload the Vogon)

3. Mels bought stilyazhnuyu first thing what?(Tie)

4. What is the name of the film was originally asked to choose?(Boogie on the bones)

5. Name Mels - how to decipher?(Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin)

6. What nationality was Bob?(Jew)

7. Hipsters drin took the service.Where?(On the submarine)

8. What is a phaser?(The father of one of the mods)

9. "Throw Brack" - what does that mean?(Walk along the boulevards)

Summing up the results of the quiz.


advance to find and prepare the next music:

1. "Boogie Woogie" from the k / f "dudes".

2. Soviet and American rock and roll.

3. "I do what is necessary" - Sjutkin.

invited to dance 3 guys and three girls.Best Couple gets colorful ribbon, and the rest - red.

Stilyazhnye translators

Leading chooses 7 people who did not participate in more competitions.They will have to translate the lines of the songs.

1. On the floor fell hetok!(Fell hat fell to the floor)

2. Sinelukaya Gerla mine!(My girl blue-eyed)

3. I'm in orange shuzah folk Stiliyan!(And I'm dancing lezginka orange shoes)

4. Became me dude true orange stilyazhny Taek!(I became a faithful companion orange tie)

5. tachila - tachila, uvezi- delivered!(Taxi, Taxi)

6. I throw and Gil Brack in the capital!(I go to Moscow)

7. Oh, rack Bob stebutsya dudes!(Oh, Wan, look what clowns!)

3 people who translated the most, getting colorful ribbon, and the rest - red.


When the party in the style of "dudes" is coming to an end, podchityvayutsya tape - who has more colorful, it was awarded the prize at the discretion of the leading (eg, a discount coupon in the brand store, invitations to the restaurant, theater ticket).The other consolation prize - a box of chocolates or a bottle of champagne.