I gave the guy: how to survive the separation?

in life, but happiness, there is a lot of pain and injustice.Sometimes difficult to explain to a young girl who threw the guy that her life is not over.She feels depressed, unwanted and rejected.It is growing dissatisfaction with life, self-doubt and disappointment.Many cope with such situations themselves, but there are those who need help, support or just a friendly advice.

try to understand how to get out of the painful condition.Psychologists say that suffering does not bring the situation itself, and thought about it.Some even take the sedative tablets.But this is not the path that should go.It is ineffective, and the consequences are sometimes far worse suppressed misery.

To get rid of negative emotions and dull the pain when the man threw, many women also drink alcohol.Parting with a loved one can cause a lot of stress, which in turn leads to the development of diseases.Alcohol only exacerbates the disease state, and violated the metabolic processes in the body.

not allow a manipulated

Even if the guy threw, you must continue to live.First of all, it is important not to allow a handle.There are couples who have gaps occur constantly.They converge, diverge and constantly find out the relationship.Sometimes you just have to pull myself together and make your point.

Yes, it is difficult, but it helps to look at ourselves.Or maybe it's better that the guy was gone, and she finally will bring?Women in love, often dissolve into its second half;they live in their own interests, forgetting about yourself.The man goes and what stays?


It is necessary to develop its internal energy, then no one will ever be able to hurt.You must let go of the man who left.It would be nice to say something like: "Yes, I threw the guy, but I have to let go and forgive.All goes to good".In no case can not hold a grudge and be angry at the man.Time will pass and all will certainly be adjusted.Important - you must at all times be in business, to establish a mode of day and food.

occupy yourself affair

Well when a girl has a favorite work or hobbies.Romantic girl who threw the boy, beginning to write stories, poems, pouring your pain on paper, paint.Some women, leaving critical conditions, start jogging, yoga, cycling, windsurfing, parachuting.In fact, sport is very good at helping and tempers in such situations.Of course, when depressed to force myself to engage in physical culture is very difficult.Psychologists say that after only 15 days of regular exercise depression begins to recede.


priorities should be to live every day and enjoy every moment.Around so much beauty, and it can not take away anybody.And most importantly, the wealth of any woman - she is, because the second such does not exist, it is unique.When the girl threw a guy will understand, everything will change.Her inner strength and energy will play such paints that life sure there will be changes for the better and will come true love.