How to stay young and beautiful?

«I was a little more than 20 years, and I'll look in 20, 30 years?" - A question of the interests of each girl to take care of their appearance.The answer to the question of preserving youth can get, and it is enough to know the following.

According to scientists, to us and our appearance affects heredity, which is made from 100% to 40%.The remaining 60% relate to lifestyle.

One famous French explorer very well noticed one truth, saying these words: "Art to extend the life - is the art of not cut it."To date, there is no "magic" tools allowing to stop aging and preserve youth.

On the contrary, modern life is like a race, a sedentary lifestyle, computers, endless stress, lack of exercise, poor diet, lack of intimacy with nature, only accelerates the aging process and shorten the life of several decades.But every problem is solvable.

is enough simply to change their habits.The only way to remain always healthy and young and have a timeless look.Try it and you will be surprised at the results!

1. Movement - is the quality of life

Many believe that by attending once a week gym, perform a complete task of maintaining the body in good shape.Alas, it is a misconception.Week sedentary lifestyle requires more active measures - Get best foot, with 40 minutes to 2 hours per day, and even outdoors.You can also use a bike, swimming pool.Do not forget about the 15-minute charging daily.And when it's nice weather, boldly Ride dacha to plant flowers and vegetables.

2. Cleansing - an important procedure in the morning

Once awake, do not rush to brush your teeth and wash.The first thing to do - drink a glass of warm water with honey and lemon juice.So, you're perfectly cleanses the body of toxins.

3. Eat meat health

By following a healthy lifestyle does not mean to become a vegetarian and to eliminate from your diet meat.It is also available nutrients for our body.Simply, do not overeat.Suffice it to 2-3 times a week on the menu include dishes from lean meats, other days to replace it with fish meat and eggs.Good support body fasting.

4. Follow the wise people's council

In Russia, overeating, or as it was called, "gluttony" was considered a deadly sin.Here are the people and come up with timeless truth "get up from the table with a sense of hunger."Make it a rule, no matter how attracted you food, comply with the measure without corrupting unlimited eating!

5. Every day, do not forget about fresh salad

cabbage, carrots, beets, in general, those vegetables that are sold and grow in your area, and what can your imagination.Gerontologists recommend further added to any salad apples, they are a source of antioxidants, which can be called "the means Makropulusa" as prolongs youth.Four times a week, eat a salad of seaweed.

6. Entrance is strictly forbidden in supermarket

Semi-finished products, sausages, various "snacks" as fast food is to your body, "junk food."Best food in all ages, the most simple - a peasant.

7. No word on stress

Do not bring themselves to life at a furious pace.Your body tells you that tired?Do not bring it to exhaustion.If necessary, change jobs more relaxed.Do not worry about their social level.The best - it's great!

8. Folk remedies against diseases

in your medicine cabinet should not be a place of antibiotics.It will be useful to apply the natural methods, special herbs.

9. Marriage

Yes, the statistics in favor of long-lived family.A happy union of two people, regular sex, here's a great recipe for youth prolongation.So, think about your personal life.Maybe we should stop being lonely and find your soul mate?

10. Laughter - that's life

not going to a grievance, not to focus on negative emotions.Today there are many methods to learn to be optimistic.Do not forget to wake up every morning with a smile and try throughout the day until sleep to find reasons to smile.

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