What if there is acne?

Acne arise from poor nutrition and incorrect thoughts - so say the eastern healers.Let's see what they advise to get rid of this scourge.

Pimples on the forehead

you noticed that on his forehead began to appear small pimples?Perhaps the problem with the gall bladder.Pimples above the eyebrows say that the intestine can not handle the load that you imposed on him ...

reasons .Keep a journal of food - during the week write down in it everything that you eat.Write down everything - from a piece of cake to sip a soda.And then Analyze your power.Surely, you will notice that you eat too much sweet and fatty.Do you like juices from the package, lemonade and coffee.

Do you accept birth control pills?You drink there any hormonal medication?If yes - contact your doctor, it is possible that the rash on his forehead because of the drugs.If you do not consume drugs - it is in the food.Do you want to get rid of acne - to change their eating habits!

Your actions. Replace chocolate and other pastries - a

useful sweets.Let it be fruit, baked apples, raisins.Juice best to drink freshly squeezed, preferably slightly diluted with water.As for drinks, you can also choose an herbal tea without sugar, mineral water without gas.

Pimples on the nose

the East they say that there are pimples on the nose only evil people, and those who do not follow the health of your liver.Draw conclusions!

reasons .Pimples on the nose indicate that you eat a lot of protein foods - meat, dairy products, eggs.Passion protein diets can not help but affect the condition of your skin.To identify its enemies - Bring a food diary, it certainly will help you to adjust the power.

Your actions. If you can not live without meat or eggs - for God's sake, but to prepare them a little differently.Baked meat or fish in the oven with lots of vegetables and a drop of olive oil.Do vegetable salads, they are not only refueled with mayonnaise and lemon juice.1-2 times a week to arrange a discharge - a wire fruit fasting days.Try to replace dairy products with soy milk at least a month.And you will see results!

Pimples under the eyes

White and red pimples on the cheeks indicate problems with the kidneys and adrenal glands.You may want to consult a doctor.

reasons .You work too hard, nervous and worried for nothing.I do not devote time to his health, a little walk and breathe fresh air.

Your actions. meditate, spend more time outdoors, try to get enough sleep.Tips are commonplace, but they should follow.Include in your diet as many fresh fruits and vegetables, but do not sit on a diet.Meals should be balanced.

Pimples on the nose wings

pimple on the nose - what does it mean?Acne and pimples on the nose may indicate heart problems.

reasons .Most likely, you spend much time at the computer, you have a sedentary job, and a sedentary lifestyle.You have broken circulation, and you feel a lack of vitamins.

Your actions. lean on fresh vegetables, herbs, seafood and cereals.Subscribe to the gym or the pool, Loans dancing or aerobics.Buy at the pharmacy hawthorn, do one infusion and drink 2-3 times a week on the glass.

Pimples on the cheeks

Chinese experts believe that the spots on the cheeks indicate lung problems.They are too much fluid due to malnutrition.

reasons .When we eat a lot of fatty and fried foods, often eat dairy products and liver, the body to defend against toxins, removes them from the fluid that enters the lungs.

Your actions. Try raw diet.At least a day to eat only fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts.Do salads, smoothies and juices.To limit their contact with people smoking, spend more time in the fresh air and move more.

Acne near lips

Acne in the area around the lips may appear because of problems with digestion.

reasons .Track the status of their digestive system.No Do you have constipation?You do not suffer if you indigestion?

Your actions.Do salad broom - sweep it out of your body all the bad.Mix raw cabbage, grated carrots and herbs - salad is ready.Drink green tea without sugar,

ancients were right: - we are what we eat.Changing dietary habits and caring for the skin, you can get rid of the nasty pimples and blackheads.Good luck!

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