The inside of the thighs: Fighting cellulite and stretch marks!

If you've once been to the gym, then without much thinking, vskidku, you can tell what the simulator uses the greatest love the fair sex.Exactly!One that helps to shape a beautiful inner thigh!

usually calls it "Butterfly" or in the overseas "Butterfly."In the professional terminology, this is the stronghold of the beauty of women's legs only as the trainer for the attention of the feet while sitting.

inner thigh - one of the most problematic areas of the female body.First, the skin in this place is very thin and sensitive that, in general, nature was conceived as a plus of female sensuality.However, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, low levels of sexual activity leads to the fact that this area is just beginning to "sag".That is all the variety of muscles that form the inside of the thighs, lose tone.

Second, this area is prone to the formation of cellulite and stretch marks, which also does not add to the attractiveness of the legs.As an experienced fighter with Simi ailments, you know that some creams, scrubs, gels, rubbing and grindings does not resolve this problem.With intelligence built, and considered by all the laws of physiology training of the legs, will produce results within a month of regular training.

begin with, that the inner thigh area is very mysterious.It responds perfectly to the training, and after 3-4 sessions already oh, in a tone.You rejoice, the body rejoices, jeans delighted.However, even after a couple of workouts, the muscles in the thigh grow even already causing discomfort in any trousers, and increasing the volume of the thighs.The fact that, for beauty legs at this point, the training must be built with cunning.He went first to the growth of muscles, and then its "drying".

Now remember, what we talked about at the very beginning, that is the same simulator for details feet.In principle, it is possible to make a good thigh.First 2-3 sets in it, should be performed with more weight in the range of 8-10 repetitions, moreover, so that 9-10 times had little to help himself with his hands.Next, throw off the weight and has a low load do 3-4 sets of 30-35 times.

Please note, the rate of execution of the exercise.As if you did not seem easy to operate with low weight, do not lose control of themselves, do not wave the legs, wings yaks.The benefit of this training will not have a penny.

And of course, before and after exercise its Feed the nectar thigh cellulite cream.Burn fat, it naturally will not help, but will make the skin smoother and firmer, which, combined with training will give you another part of the body, admirable.

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