How to choose exercises for pectoral muscles for women?

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Female breast - is the subject, and envy, and heavy sighs.If you decide to pick up a exercise for the chest muscles for women, then you have come to the right page.

Chest - a part of the body located between the stomach and neck.As much as it may sound primitive, but it is.The woman on the bones are three main types of tissue bulking - muscles, then the breast, and then fat.Accordingly, there are three ways to increase breast muscle.

first method would seem the easiest - increase the amount of fat in the breast area, but you should know that fat will be added in other parts of the body.What is required?Eat sweet and fatty foods, and move less.

The second method is more rational.Wanted to get breasts grow.The best method would be taking hormones.There are also many "buts".Every body is different and, therefore, some chest rise, while others do not.Who loves the risk, the way to approach this ideal.

third way - is an exercise for the chest muscles for women.Due to the fact that muscles women grow less in comparison with male, will not increase significantly.But you can adjust the shape that will not go unnoticed by men.

Of course, there are other ways, such as plastic surgery or even implantation of inorganics in the breast tissue, but this article is not about ...

There will talk about exercises for pectoral muscles for women, since they are safe and very useful forhealth.

The complex consists of the best exercises for pectoral muscles.The peculiarity of this particular complex is that there will not be involved external beam chest muscle.The focus is on the middle and lower beams.You should know that these exercises for the chest muscles to be done for women of average weight, increasing it gradually.Repetitions to produce from 5 to 12 times.

So, one is required to carry out the exercise in the gym.It lies in the hands of the intelligence situation in hand position forward at a constant load.This exercise strengthens the pectoral muscles medium beam.The elbows are required to hold slightly bent.At the end of the movement have much to cut, "prozhat" pecs.

Exercise number two is also done on the simulator.This so-called horizontal hammer.In the supine position, elbows bent at the elbows.As you exhale, squeeze the handle with the power of the simulator to almost full extension of the arms, with elbows not fully straighten, and the lowest point of the handle is required to hold and not let go until the end.

third exercise can be completely done at home.To do this, press dumbbells to do, sitting on a bench at an angle.Arms bent at the elbows, squeeze the dumbbells on a smooth arc up and drop to shoulder level.Incline your bench should be from 15 to 30 percent.

fourth exercise is done in the machine "crossover."Start the exercise required to select the position exactly in the center of the simulator.Bends one leg back, keeping the body with a slope of 10-15 degrees.Blocks reduce down, palms have to look at each other.Flatten your hands in the area of ​​press, elbows slightly bent.At a finite amplitude carefully prozhat chest muscles.

These exercises are light, require only constant training and patience.In addition, it is better to be under the supervision of an instructor who will be dosed carefully load, to prevent over-voltage, due to which the need to take a break in classes.The coach will also show a number of repetitions is best to start and how regularly.

Regular exercise will make your breasts firm and beautiful.Particular attention should be given to breast, if you are planning a child.During pregnancy and lactation is stretched and trained pecs will protect her from this.In addition, you can do these exercises after childbirth and breastfeeding to restore breast shape.