Exercises for the lower press: a flat stomach is guaranteed

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Abdominals important not only for athletes but also for those people who want to reduce your waist by several centimeters.Its development is particularly important in the spring and summer, when we remove excess clothing and preparing for the swimming season.At the same exercise for the lower press considered no less effective than the same exercises for the upper part.

What abdominal

Lower press is part of a single rectus abdominis, and its fibers have good resistance to fatigue.Therefore, when performing exercises for its development need to focus on a large number of repetitions.In addition, the lower press directly related to the muscles of the legs, so the legs without development you can not strengthen the abs and reduce the waist.

There are several basic options for its development, which can be divided into four parts: the lower press exercises can be done lying down, sitting, and standing on the bar.Moreover, the position of "sitting" is recommended for beginners and lying - for those who are even slightly familiar with the sport.

exercises on a chair

If you decide to prepare your waist to the beach season, but do not have the necessary experience, start to develop lower abs with the choice of comfortable chairs.It is desirable to have a handle which is convenient to recline.Sit up straight, straighten your legs in front of you and start alternately raise them to the level of the belt.

gradually bringing the height of the chest, and do these movements until fatigue.After this exercise will be fully utilized, should begin simultaneously raising both legs on the same principle.

exercises lying

If you are already familiar with sports classes, or at least regularly uncomplicated doing morning exercises, then you will approach other exercises for the lower press at home.For their implementation need to put on the floor mat, and lay down on his back.Hands This may be where you prefer - along the body, over his head, or on the sides.

first start lifting your legs up perpendicular to the floor in turn.If this move turns you easily, do it with both feet.Thus they should be completely flat and pressed together.

master these rises, start to complicate the exercise.Try to raise your pelvis and legs touch the mat on his head.Or lift them perpendicular to the floor and begin to lower the right and left, thus developing the lower side of the press.

Exercises standing

can now begin to carry out the most effective exercises for the lower press.In a standing position considered such kicks.

kicks may have a different trajectory and amplitude.Start with the easiest - mahi ourselves to the level of the belt.The lower leg can be bent a little, but top must always remain straight.And pay attention to another very important point - during swings your lower leg should be firmly on the floor the entire foot.

Mance direct mahi, start doing circular, and should alternate path, and do them first from left to right and then right to left.Further complicate Mahi can, not making them successively, and isolation.That is, you must first do the exercises for the lower press 20-30 times one foot and then the other.

need to gradually bring the swings to the chest, neck and chin.When you can do 20 swings at his head, it is possible to say that you have a pretty good level of physical preparation.

exercises on the horizontal bar

next stage - the horizontal bar.Exercises can be done on the bar as well as in the standing position.The only difference is that now you have access mahi with two legs.And you can do them in front of him, and in different directions - left or right.

This article described the basic exercises for the lower press.For those who have mastered it and wants to do next, will suit a variety of special programs fitness centers and gyms.The main thing - do not stop, and the extra inches will never spoil your waist!