Poetry - is the author's view of himself, others and the world around us

Poetry - soul is a melody.The word "poetry" sounds like music.What it brings - tranquility, lyrical mood, or a call to action?Poetry - it works, coming not from the mind or the heart, and from the depths of man's inner world.Some poets are waiting for inspiration over the years, while others are unable to stop the flow of your thoughts, words and poured into rhyme.Some carefully observe all the rules of prosody, rhythm sacred honor and a masterpiece is not obtained.Others may neglect all the canons and go down in history.Some follow fashion, writing on current topics or beneficial, while others remain true to themselves, even if their words will not bring them success and will remain a memorial verse passing day.In the work should not be conditional, frames, can not do the order, for the sake of money and fame.Eternal becomes a freedom of speech, and history is replete with evidence of this.

Folk poetry

sincere, pure, uncomplicated folk poetry - is the wealth and pride of every nation.Without my mother's lullaby and provocative nursery rhymes children do not grow up happy.Without proverbs do not work without rhymes do not walk wedding without the songs do not go into battle.A foundation of everything - poetry!How many poems of folk poets became a literary treasure!How many texts were poured into the song and scattered across countries and villages.Russian poetry - living proof.Without knowing it, you can not understand the broad Russian soul and the common man, to turn to its origins.National word does not lose its relevance for a moment, even when it seems that it has long gathering dust in the attic of life.


Classic - is not a collection of laws, generally accepted norms and rules of poetry.This creation, proven and relevant every day and hour, clear to representatives of different generations, regardless of education, religion or ideology.Classics - it's not just a sample, an example to follow.It can not be repeated.You can only create a new round of her home and try to describe the nature of the better Tiutchev and feta, show the human soul better than Yesenin and Ascension, to understand a woman better than Tsvetaeva and Akhmatova.If the topic of poetry - life itself, it certainly tells you what epithets and metaphors fit well and become a byword for the next generations.

original poetry

Very often determine the author of the work makes it a look at the fruit of his work.The first, of course, comes to mind Vladimir Mayakovsky.Not everyone can understand, it is not a simple, sharp and concise, he was able to create a picture of his poems that never repeats itself, but absolutely makes clear who the author is.One can argue that modern readers Mayakovsky like it or not, but one thing for sure - it was original.In its own unique and such classics as Gavriil Derzhavin and Alexander Sumarokov, who worked in the genre of visual poetry or figured.World literature - is a unique collection of authors, each of which sought to originality, making his poetic word beautiful in all its manifestations and inimitable not only in content but also in form.


Time is very fleeting, and therefore the concept of modernity is very vague in its chronotope.More recently, modern authors consider Okudzhava, Vladimir Vysotsky, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Leonid Filatov.And now it is Alexander Kabanov, Sergei Gandlevsky Vera Polozkova.Many names are still not well known as a modern Russian poetry is generated hourly, every minute.Most of the gain in popularity and helps the reader to get to the World Wide Web, social networks and, of course, literary publications.Word of the young poets may not be as highly artistic as the classics, but it reflects the frantic pace of life whirl in which people try to grow up fast, live fast, quick to love.

Poetry inhabitants

Speaking of poetic discourse, not to mention the so-called narrow-minded poetry.Dar put words in verse and rhyme have to think of many, but not all can believe in themselves and begin to carry their talents to the masses.Millions of products on the shelves gathering dust in a drawer or old notebooks.There is a chance that once they are published and recognized as possible, so all remain known only to their author.Someone wrote about love, and others compose text greeting for the holidays.Some develop advertising slogans, while the latter put the words to music and give the world the song.But in the depths of my soul never cease to be a poet.

poetry - not just words, it's the whole world.For some, it opens in moments of joy and happiness, and some pour soul only in moments of mental agony.In any case, the author of the poetry helps to express their feelings and emotions.Poet and poetry are linked, as the mother and child, an invisible thread, one for life, which is not to break the power of any circumstances.