What are the properties of stone Topaz?

What properties topaz stone?Since ancient times, this mineral is considered a symbol of prosperity, loyalty, happiness and generosity.It gave its full of passion and anger people to subdue their temper.The ancients believed that the properties of the topaz stone - is the emergence in the person of a certain inner light, enlightenment, which opens the way for the revival of the soul.

Another wonderful property topaz - strengthening intuition.Whoever holds this stone may be more acutely feel and perceive emotions and other people sometimes can anticipate and influence the actions of others.Often this gem called "heavyweight" - a stone of dark wizards and sorcerers.This epithet came to topaz is by strengthening intuition owner.Also, the properties of stone Topaz interesting for magicians and mystics - is the ability to impose the will of others, to suppress their thoughts, their emotions.Of course, such features can be used to harm or good.Therefore, today it is this stone can be seen as an amulet around the neck of many esoteric.

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What properties topaz stone with yellow?He is considered beneficent mineral for sailors.That yellow topaz sailors took with him to the distant voyage, believing that he can withdraw from the fog and rescue from the storm.In another popular belief, this mineral also brings comfort in the house, keep the hearth.

have such mineral as topaz stone, magical properties are very diverse.But mainly it depends on its color.In different countries, in different centuries we mentioned the most numerous variants of this jewelry.In Europe, topaz - a symbol of the victory of love, kindness, loyalty, honesty and gentleness.In India, for example, pink topaz was and remains a symbol of hope and golden symbolizes mutual aid, friendship and compassion.

What properties topaz stone?Since ancient times, he was considered a healing stone, and it is advised to wear a topaz people with wild, restless imagination.If you wear it on your neck, it can cure asthma.Golden topaz hue gave unique properties favorable to women: a cure for infertility, gave strength and beauty, wisdom.

name of this mineral, according to one version, comes from the island Topazois, which is located in the Red Sea.It was there, according to archaeologists and historians, have been found very first deposit of valuables.You also can not deny another version that says that the name comes from the word "tapas", which in Sanskrit means "heat."Especially given the important role of this sacred stone in India, the second version looks very plausible.

Astrologers recovered from mineral such as topaz, rock properties for Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn and all earth signs.For it is topaz can give a person the power of the Earth: courage, patience and fortitude.The magical properties of the stone, like the beryl, and are helping people throughout their lives.At present, many businessmen, scientists, creative people and travelers used this mineral as its charms and amulets, as it is believed that it brings untold riches, attracts luck, prosperity and success.