The maximum permissible concentration (MPC) - is an important indicator of the environment

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current stage of development of human civilization involves a huge number of various devices and components.They greatly increase the comfort of living and effectiveness of human life, but have a significant negative impact on people and on the environment around them.This interaction is characterized by the state of climate, vibration and noise, as well as the content in the ground, water and air of harmful substances.

maximum permissible concentration (MPC) - is approved measure included in the regulations, which present the requirements and recommendations of public sanitary centers for safe and efficient use of natural resources (air, soil, water).This allows not only to normalize the amount of emissions from industrial plants, but also to count the damage that would be caused to the environment.

MPC - is the maximum value of the concentration of harmful substances, a negligible effect on human health, the natural community and its individual components.

Harmful substances are classified according to the degree of influence exerted on the human body.In accordance with the regulations distinguish four classes of risk.Also, harmful substances fall into several groups depending on the interaction with the human body.There are suffocating, irritating, somatic and drugs.

consider more MPC pollutants in the air.Most often it refers to the concept presented at a one-time maximum amount of hazardous compounds that enter the body through breathing or through the skin.Sampling is performed several times in the period under review.Further, the average value is calculated.There are single and maximum average daily dose.Therefore MPC air in the working zone is the content of harmful substances, which does not cause disease in various everyday operation, during a sufficiently long period.

MPC - an indicator not only the state of the atmosphere.Normalizing even food arriving in stores.Since harmful substances enter the body, they tend to accumulate in his life a person is subjected to considerable stress.

MPC - is permissible norms of the content of a particular substance.However, if in the atmosphere, soil or water, there is the presence of several hazardous compounds, the harm caused by them, will be summed up.In accordance with the joint, even the level of harmful substances should not exceed 1. However, in many areas, this rule is not observed, resulting in an increased risk of developing certain chronic and fatal diseases.It should also be borne in mind that MPC - an indicator calculated for the average person.That is if your body is weakened, you are more prone to the negative effects of dangerous substances.