Environmental protection in the modern world

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Environmental protection - one of the global problems whose solution requires an integrated and universal solutions, the implementation of effective measures to restore the natural resources and the prevention of pollution of the oceans and the atmosphere, deforestation, etc.Not one century people mindlessly spend natural wealth, and today came a time when we realize that the world reserves are not infinite, and requires not only management, but also recovery.

main factors that draw the attention of environmentalists - the pollution of air, provoking a thinning of the ozone layer of the atmosphere and leading to the "greenhouse effect", the discharge of harmful substances into the oceans, causing the death of its inhabitants, the increase in waste products, which are notundergo decomposition.The incident on the oil development company «BP», which led to a real ecological disaster showed how needed more extensive environmental protection in the oil and gas sector.It is in this sector any accident leads to disastrous consequences, from which nature can not recover for years.

Today, environmental protection is one of the most important issues to be addressed by governments and civil society organizations in most countries of the world.Scientists are looking more sparing technology development and processing of raw materials, develop systems for their subsequent disposal or re-use, examine the possibility of reducing the amount and concentration of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, try to use safe sources of energy and more environmentally-friendly fuels.

It unfavorable ecological situation affects not only natural resources, but also on human health: reduced average life expectancy of people is increasing the number of babies born with abnormal development and congenital diseases, a growing number of infertile couples and cancer patients.It was such a disappointing statistic was the reason for the development of a set of measures aimed at changing the current situation.

environmental protection in Russia in recent years has become one of the priorities of domestic policy.It involves the development and implementation of new, safe technologies of production, measures to restore the natural resources (new plantations and logging restrictions, the number of inhabitants the restoration of water bodies and rational use of mineral resources, re-use of different raw materials, etc.).Along with these measures, increasing the number of protected areas, national parks and reserves.

regulate and control the use of the resources intended to the State Committee for Nature Protection.His duty is to direct the development of regulatory standards, requirements and regulations.Only in our country the norms of environmental law are included in the fundamental law - the Constitution.In addition, in order to properly utilize the resources in a variety of industries, developed the Law on Subsoil and Water, Forest and Land Codes.Despite the fairly large number of environmental agencies, environmental protection in our country is still underdeveloped.And it's not so much the fault of the government, how much of each person's own attitude to the world in which he lives.