"Usability" - is ... Testing "usability"

Most website owners create them to either promote their products to the market of goods or profit directly using monetize your site.That is to advertise it, and for its views users of the site owner receives a profit.

is why administrators are interested in the large attendance.The larger it is, the greater the profit from advertising.Weighted schedule provided by the high level of "usability" -Page.So what is the "usability"?What are some ways you can make your site more attractive to users and potential customers?

introduction to the concept of

"Usability" - is, in fact, an indication of the extent to which the visitor-friendly site to interact with its interface.Methods to improve the site at the stage of its development, also referred to by this term.

Assume that a user opens a particular web page.What does he expect to see?Of course, first of all, clear menu.And with it - a clear structure.This also applies to the content readable.However, now you can find plenty of resources on which there is confusion of hyperlinks, images and buttons.It would seem that all the necessary elements are.However, their proper use can take time.

Hardly any customer want to spend your precious time to do it."Usability" - it is a serious competitive advantage in our time.Forrester Research conducted a study on this topic.It showed that almost half of customers leaving the online store, if you can not quickly find its sections or those goods.In addition, after this experience with half the resource buyers refused to return to him.

Research and scientific facts pertaining to the "usability"

Sociologists also point out the fact that nowadays people are too impatient.Especially users of the Internet audience.Another study was conducted by Nielsen Norman Group.It showed that the average user is a regular on the page, only about half a minute.It was noted that in most cases, users do not inspect the web page to the end.

Jakob Nielsen believes that the reason for this behavior lies in the large number of really useless information.So, people constantly want to filter a flow of information to choose from it only those fragments that interest them actually.

course, to the detailed study of the site can take so long that no matter what else it simply does not remain.Customers do not want and will not wait if the site is slow to load, and will not use it if it has a complex interface.It was then, in the case and enter "usability".This helps to deal with many problems.

Many experts in this field speak out about the same.For example, say that between the simple, understandable for any user, web sites, and well-lit shop windows can be made very clear parallel."Usability" - a "degree of light" in this case.The developer should be clearly understood that it only has a few seconds in order to interest the visitor and gently make it clear that his site is better than others.

You can do this by using thought-out interface.In a short time he should make it clear to the user at an intuitive level, and how you can do next.The person should be interested in the site and feel that here he would find what he needs.If it does not, the customer leaves the site.


This process is in any event a mandatory step in the development of "usability".Its essence is in principle simple: a few respondents decide to set certain tasks using only a prototype system.The specialist, who at the same time is near, all the actions and words of registers.When data collection is completed, they are analyzed.If necessary, adjustments are made to the project.

Testing "usability" is carried out in order to detect defects or problems.They may arise from respondents during the work with the site, and you should not be afraid of it.The main thing - to make the right adjustments.

That includes site analysis?

Analysis "usability" allows you to get a comprehensive picture of the entire site.These usually include the conclusions of the design, test results, comparing prototypes analyzed pages, as well as the issuance of various kinds of recommendations that will help to eliminate existing problems.

Conclusion design defines the so-called "usability" of the interface.That is, how convenient and comfortable at the same time the user will work with this website."Usability" -Examples provides many services which are always ready to provide its services in this regard.

Differences resource levels

If advertising costs are the same, then the site has a higher level of "usability", will take more and more potential customers.They will also be more loyal to the company.And this is important because customers will visit the site and make purchases on a permanent basis.

can likely get away with unloading managers, because the high level of "usability" customers can find answers to their questions themselves, on the resource.Therefore, management can reduce the cost required for the maintenance managers that have a positive impact on the business.

what to study for "usability"?

This is a complex of factors.These include the following criteria:

  1. Efficiency.How fast the client can solve their problems, if you learn to use the resources?
  2. Ease of learning.How quickly the first time visitor who has come to life to learn to use interface?
  3. memorability.Whether the client to reproduce the scheme of use, learned for the first time, when you reopen the pages?
  4. errors.How often makes mistakes visitor while on the site?How can I fix these errors and to what extent they are serious?
  5. satisfaction with the work done.Like any resource user?If you like it, how much?

Summary and Conclusions

Statistics show that out of 10 members, more than half (or to be more precise, 6) can not be found in the international network of the information you need immediately.The reason for this lies in the wrong building "usability".The Internet was created for the exchange of a total flow of information, but a lot of sites do not follow the ordinary rules of such exchanges.This leads to the fact that the search for useful information takes a much longer time.The efficiency also decreases in proportion to the work.

undergoing testing is recommended for all website owners.It is beneficial to them in the first place, as the correct formulation of the expense of "usability" can increase the permanent audience of the site.And consequently, successfully monetize it.