Salt: harm or benefit?

time immemorial, mankind pays attention to such seemingly simple substance as table salt.And indeed, with any food product is not related so many traditions and superstitions.With salt people know already about 10 thousand years.There were times when it was called a divine gift and valued more than gold.For deposits of rock salt at war, and because of its lack often flashed "salt riots".What is known about this causing a huge amount of controversy product?What is the salt and calorie content of any permissible limits daily use?We need to understand.

Benefit or harm

about the benefits and dangers of salt, there are very controversial opinions.What is the caloric value of salt, what its specific benefit or harm to the body?Such issues are increasingly interested in the mass market.Scientists are still scratching their heads over, "what is the whole point," but numerous studies have already spent huge sums of money.One aim of the experiments was to study the influence of a certain amount of salt to the human body.As a result, it was found that consumption in excess, it can adversely affect the human vision.The reason is that the use of salty foods can raise blood pressure, including the eye.

On the other hand, a decrease in consumption can lead to a variety of cardiovascular abnormalities, risk of getting heart attack or stroke.Such serious effects caused by a deficiency of sodium in the body.Full cancellation salt disrupted activity of nerve cells, reduced insulin production and renin, on the contrary, increased.In this regard, it suggests a reasonable conclusion that all is well, that in the measure.

salt as a symbol of vitality

Sol - is not just a food seasoning that can improve the taste of the dish.It's kind of magical symbol of vital energy, which is able to take the troubles and sorrows, the evil eye and all that adversely affects the rights.In ancient times, during the offering of animal sacrifices sprinkled with salt to taste, they appease their gods.Long since it is considered a talisman against evil forces and evil spells.

Sol, in their ritual significance, in conjunction with the bread is financial well-being and wealth, not in vain in the wedding day the bride and groom are blessed with bread and salt.Wishes wealth also serves as an expression of "bread and salt you."In modern times it is so important at the airport welcome foreign guests at the government level.

Such different salt

Salt - a versatile product.An interesting fact is that the calorie content of salt is equal to zero.There are different kinds of salt: by color (white, pink, black), a large stone and Extra, as well as iodized, fluoridated, diet, sea.And that's not the full list.Purpose salt completely different from one species can be salt salads, other use in canning, and the third - for medical purposes for the prevention of diseases.

By way of mining and salt production can be divided into 4 main types:

  • Stone.It is mined in mines and quarries.This is the most pure form of salt with a high content of sodium chloride (98-99%) and a minimum amount of moisture.
  • Evaporated.Get it from the salt by evaporating source comprises sodium chloride about 98-99,8%.
  • sedimentary (sea).Formed from sea or lake water by evaporation in specially equipped pools.From other species characterized by a lower content of sodium chloride and taste properties.
  • deposited lump.The least useful to the body due to the reduced content of sodium chloride, based on the name, it automatically settles on the bottom of a salty lake where then it is extracted with the help of special equipment.

Application salt

Sol, in other words, sodium chloride - one of the most important components that are used in everyday life both humans and animals.Calorie table salt is 0 calories.This resource is also used in many industries.Salt is used as the basis for production of chemicals (caustic soda and chlorine), which are made of different plastics, in particular PVC.There are about 14 thousand applications of salt.

Regarding salt, all of which are eaten, the substance is crystalline sodium chloride, each member of which performs a vital function in humans, despite the fact that zero calorie salts.The daily requirement of 10-15 grams.For the year it comes out to about seven kilograms.These figures also depend on the conditions and the type of climate.Water-salt metabolism more intensive in countries with a hot climate.

Sol - it is the only natural mineral that can absorb the human body.Table salt is actively used for the preservation of various kinds zakatok since the brine has the ability to suspend the life of bacteria.

Useful properties and salt treatment

Sol (caloric content per 100 grams 0 calories), has a good preventive and curative properties.If nasal congestion and runny nose nose can be washed with a special solution.Pharmacies have a wide variety of products for irrigation, based regular sea water.When inflammation of the throat rinse is carried out (half a teaspoon of salt to half a cup of warm water).Salt also helps to stings of various insects.To do this, prepare a mixture of one-to-one, and smear the bite.Itching and pain pass quickly.At home, the salt is simply irreplaceable in mild poisoning, because the display is capable of poisons and toxins from the body.

widely used salt in the so-called spa treatment.Salt baths treat large number of various diseases, help to improve the metabolic processes in the body, removes toxins.Baths are appointed at diseases of the spine, arthritis, and disorders of the nervous and vascular systems.

From the above it can be concluded that the zero calorie (edible salt is meant) makes this extremely dietary product, but unsuitable for use in food in large quantities.