How to choose a stone-talismans Zodiac sign

Many experts agree that the various items, such as natural stones have different effects on people.This is the effect of each of their own.It all depends on what time you were born.Stones-mascots Zodiac sign should be chosen very carefully.Otherwise, you will not achieve the desired result, and possibly hurt yourself.


Happy stones for Aries can be distinguished by their appearance.They are very beautiful, bright and shiny.Among them are the ruby, diamond, heliotrope, lapis lazuli.Aries - the sign of the zodiac, Stones-mascots who brings not only happiness and good luck, but also improve health.

Taurus Zodiac (Stones-mascots is a great variety) that can be easily influenced by different minerals.For Taurus perfect: alexandrite, agate, tiger's eye, emerald, aquamarine, turquoise.Stones to protect its wearer from the evil emanating from others, bringing peace in the family.


Representatives of the mark can not be called a calm and balanced.Save from making impulsive and reckless behavior may stones talismans Zodiac sign.For Twins recommend cat's eye, agate, rock crystal.They will help get rid of the hassle and worry.


This sign is perfect pearl, carnelian, emerald, moonstone.These stones bring material well-being, helping to fulfill themselves in life.Furthermore, they become good assistants in the treatment of certain diseases.


passionate and emotional Lions minerals recommended to wear red shades.This can be a ruby ​​or garnet.They are charged with positive energy of its owner, to push exploits, and bring good luck.


Stones-mascots Zodiac sign Virgo bring the coveted harmony, develop intuition and protect against disease.They fit the cat's eye, carnelian, jade.Last best worn in a frame of silver.


find balance in your life will help them aquamarine, sapphire, lapis lazuli, rock crystal.Stones give peace attracted to the house of love and well-being.


As a talisman it is best to choose a grenade, Bloodstone or opal.They protect from the evil eye, contribute to the development of intuition, strengthen family relationships.


happiness and peace in the family will bring sapphire.Beryl stone will protect from evil, envy and fear, cool raging passions, helps to believe in themselves.


happiness and luck Capricorn bring lapis lazuli, onyx, garnet, moonstone.They return the lost strength, help make the right decisions.In addition to the stones set up good and help to establish trust relationships in the family.


Stones-mascots Zodiac sign give them success in love, strengthen friendships and attract like-minded people.Aquarius recommend choosing amethyst, chrysoprase, zircon.


luck in love and good health will bring pearls, beryl, aquamarine.They energize and help to go through life.