Star Beauty: Women who are satisfied

Elle magazine collected five women who are satisfied with themselves and their figure.Laysan Utiasheva Anfisa Chekhov, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Jan Lebedev and Natalia Rogozin told how they learned to accept themselves as they are, and how they keep themselves in shape.

Laysan Utiasheva

I love myself any: and lean and plump.Even when I have recovered eight kilograms, I liked everything in itself: the feet and hands, and the ass and breasts.In summer, always wear short dresses - I like to please others.

must be able to keep yourself in shape.Every woman should be something like "the discipline of the body."For example, when walking, I always try to involve themselves in the stomach, and if you sit at work or writing a text, be sure to do warm-up on the calves and thighs.The body immediately comes into shape, and I feel quite differently.I know that my figure is individual and the second such in this world.Never in itself did not refuse - if I want something to eat, I eat, but I know the measure.

Anfisa Chekhov

Every woman should hang himself in his room mirror from floor to ceiling, and every day to look at him over bare.It may seem strange and even cause rejection, but eventually you get used to it and gradually begin to love yourself.[...] All we have in mind.It is not necessary to invent an image, you need to find the courage to be yourself.

I have long been involved in fitness, but then I realized: do not do what you do not like, and began to go to the lessons of choreography.After class, I feel completely different.By the way, for 10 years, as the abandoned jeans and pants and wear only skirts and dresses.

Svetlana Bondarchuk

important for women to be able to care for themselves and accept themselves for what is, rejoice that nature gave you.I have a "comfortable weight," I try to adhere to.I remember a few years ago I went with a friend to rest there and recovered several kilograms.Not to say that it was ugly, just that I was very uncomfortable.

I do several times a week Pilates - they teach feel my body, every muscle, which is very important.Torturing myself diets - not for me.And I really love wearing dresses - they make any woman beautiful.

Yana Lebedeva

need to mind in choosing clothes.There are things that are not obvious to me, and it does not matter that in this case they may be trendy.Also, much depends on the age and skills to present themselves.

I treat myself quite critical, so I try to keep myself in shape.Go swimming, I go for a massage.It helps.I do not understand how you can all the time to diet!For example, I have found for themselves an excellent alternative: a few times a week to arrange fasting days currently.

Natalia Rogozin

Let's just say I'm in harmony with each other.And on some specific parts of the body you should ask the person to whom I'm cute.

I can not afford to relax even for a moment.I had the story, when the pre-fight weigh-in for the first time in my life I was not included in your weight.It was not in me, but in the new fashionable bathing suit that I bought the day before: he had a heavy attachment in the form of rings, which gave the advantage to 200 grams.Swimsuit had to be removed, and everything fell into place: I weighed, as always, exactly 76 kilos and 204 grams.

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