Preparation of polycarbonate greenhouses for the winter - the key to a good harvest

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Greenhouse - not only a source of flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, but also a permanent job at any time of the year.That it has served its owner, it is necessary to care for her.In the fall, after harvest, require the preparation of polycarbonate greenhouses for winter.

Where to start?

To begin until the frosts hit, the greenhouse must be thoroughly washed, on the surface there is not dried pieces of land, no dirt, no dust.This will prevent the formation of snowdrifts and winter do not have to constantly sweep away the accumulated snow.Along advice: If the snow still lingers, it is advisable to shake it by tapping on the inner surface of the greenhouse.Polycarbonate - a very durable material, this treatment will not hurt him.It is feared only scratches that may cause the coating that protects the plant from ultraviolet radiation, so clear the snow from the surface of solid objects greenhouses in any case impossible.

Cleaning soil

Further preparation of polycarbonate greenhouses for winter is to clean the soil.First of all, it should be free from plant debris, and remove the top layer of soil thickness of 5-7 cm, where most harmful insects.Then you need to dig up the soil and fertilize it with peat, manure or humus (1 square meter - ½ buckets), add ash, sand and cover with straw.


Preparation of polycarbonate greenhouses for the winter will be incomplete if not to make disinfection.The fact that the various pests and diseases remain to winter in the load-bearing structures, the inside of the glass and in different remote places, so you have them out of there in a literal sense smoke.For this purpose, sulfur or sulfur Komkova bombs that burn in a sealed greenhouse.More accessible wet disinfection - copious spraying the inner surface of the walls and all the soil with a solution of bleach.These procedures should be carried out at the end of September until the temperature drops below 12 degrees.


in greenhouses made of polycarbonate in the winter it is necessary to distribute the snow to protect the ground from freezing.In the spring, when the sun comes out, it will melt and nourish dry ground moisture.But if the snow inside the greenhouse - the good, the outside of it may become a real disaster.Heavy snowfall can lead to the fact that the load on the greenhouse structure will exceed the permitted limit.Therefore, the preparation of polycarbonate greenhouses for winter requires taking precautions.Strengthen its robust internal backup, each established under the archway at the highest point.


in greenhouse crops can be grown all year round, if you take care of the heating.The normal temperature for plant growth mode is not only important during the cold season.Spring heating makes it possible to shoot several harvests during the year, autumn - prolonging the season and heating greenhouses made of polycarbonate ensures the safety of winter perennials.The most common ways to maintain the desired mode - is for water, gas or electrical heating system.Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, it is necessary to choose the most practical option, based on the specific conditions and opportunities.

So, if carefully prepared a greenhouse for each season, it will serve as an incomparably longer every year to please a good harvest.