6 current trends of summer 2013 swimwear - advice western stylists

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Summer is coming, and, despite the vagaries of the weather, many began to search for a suitable beach wear, or even already got suitable clothes for this.

For those who are still looking for and wants to find a stylish and trendy swimsuit at the same time emphasizing the dignity of the figure and hiding its flaws, the western stylists report: tiny and did not hide the bikini and the like swimwear this season is not so listed,like before.But what are the trends of swimsuits are relevant today?Read our article.

So, according to Western stylists, the summer of 2013 are 6 types of fashionable swimwear:

1. Fused swimwear back in fashion this season, and they are especially suited to girls with problems in the abdomen and thighs.This summer, the most fashionable swimsuits fused stylized "retro" with exaggerated waist.

2. Swimsuits in "retro" style - it is interesting that now the fashion styles of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.Leading brands are added to the swimwear bit modern "flavor" in retro swimwear - for example, in the model of "polka dots."

3. Separate vintage swimsuits with high waistline - one of the current trends of the season.It will help to hide the problems in the lower abdomen (a relatively thin waist).The lower parts of these swimsuits are perfectly combined with the top in the style of "retro" - obtained feminine and chic ensemble.

4. The top and bottom split swimsuit different styles and colors.Today, when purchasing a separate swimwear is not necessarily looking for the top and bottom of one style and colors.Designers and the stars show that you can safely wear a swimsuit unmatched detail, different colors and with different prints.

5. swimsuits with cutouts.Despite the return to fashion One Piece Swimsuits, curly, sexy and unexpected cuts in them still remain one of the "hottest" trends spring-summer fashion.However, the acquisition of the swimsuit should ensure that cuts were in the profitable-looking parts of the body, rather than on those that are better to hide.

6. Neon colors.Prints, color blocks or even neon swimsuits - all this in the trend today.Neon colors are for women of all sizes, skin tones and shapes, but those who have not yet decided on a neon, can combine a bright top with a dark bottom.The swimsuit neon colors make you look elegant and stylish, and attract attention.

Finally.The main thing when choosing a bathing suit, just like any other apparel and footwear - is to consider the type of your own pieces and buy only what you are, even if it is not very "trending" today.Stylists remind: a real woman of fashion - is not what it always is "all the rage", and one that looks good and feels good in your clothes.

Photo source: millionlooks.com