The truth about how much earns blogger on "Youtube"

If you decide to make your YouTube channel an additional infusion of Finance personal budget, the first thing it makes sense to learn how earning a blogger on "Youtube" in general.Does it make sense to invest energy, time and money in your own channel?And, in fact, organize video blog?

Also, before you learn how to earn bloggers on "Youtube", it is useful to understand how they do it.

criteria required channel for earnings

First, you must have the author's content.That is, you have to shoot the video for yourself, on his own script.You can take ideas from other bloggers, Russian-speaking or not - does not matter, but in your video must be unique individuality.

Secondly, your content must be interesting in order to attract subscribers.And the idea you have to learn how to generate an almost daily basis.After all, the audience must not only attract but also retain throughout the existence of the channel.

Third, your channel must be sufficiently viewed, that is, should not be less than a thousand people have signed on.In general, the more subscribers and views, the better for you and your wallet.

qualities of character necessary to succeed on YouTube

  • Patience - you need it while waiting for the monetization of their video blog and a video installation.
  • Perseverance - yourself shooting and editing.
  • Creativity - you have to constantly come up with new solutions for video.
  • Perseverance - without it you will not get better jobs.

Perhaps this is the main characteristics that should you attend, if you want to earn on "YouTube".Is this your character?

few most popular ways to make money on its channel

you can become a partner for YouTube by connecting to Google AdSense.And placed in their video ads, the proposed site.This can be banners, advertisements or redundant auction ads.

However, more likely to become a partner in the presence of video hosting four to five thousand subscribers.In a smaller number of display advertisers tend to disagree.

How earn "Youtube" Russian bloggers this way?Everything will depend on the price of advertising and display of the number of its users.Thus, earnings per thousand views may vary from two cents to five dollars.The bottom line is that the amount of money charged to you depends also on the ratio of the dollar against the ruble.Since "salary" is calculated in US dollars.

There is another way to earn money.If your channel there long enough, it is formed around a community of people with specific interests.It can be transferred to any popular social network, just started his own group.In this group the opportunity to sell advertising positions, and take money for what you lay on your channel someone else's video.

What makes a blogger on "Youtube" is used as an auxiliary tool is another social network?The figures here may also vary.Everything will depend on your popularity and of your communication skills.But wages are much higher than in the first case.However, this method requires a longer run their channel, as well as a subsidiary of a group on the social networks.

The third way is perhaps the most profitable in terms of money.Do you cooperate with the advertiser directly.And he pays you the amount for which you arrange in advance.In this case, you should actively promote the advertiser's product or service, urging his audience that a buy order or to pass on any link.

What makes a blogger with "Yutuba" in a way only he decides.Because he would have to look for advertisers, in rare cases the opposite is true, and also learn to promote products and influence their audience.

So, these are the options for earning money on YouTube.

It all depends on your desire to monetize your blog and make it the main source of income and of your talent.The Russian-language YouTube started to develop recently.A really interesting and popular blogger can literally be counted on one hand.So the competition is not too high.With his video blog is really possible to secure a comfortable existence, but perhaps it would have to spend several years, initially content with only a small additional income.

How earn bloggers on "Youtube" in Russian?

Western videobloggery, of course, earn much more Russian-speaking.In our country this kind of business is still in its formative stages.But that's a plus.Do you have time to find its niche.The main thing - to decide on the theme of the channel, consider its design and not be lazy.After some time, the work is very rewarding.

What's earnings on "Youtube" Russian bloggers, largely determines the financial situation in the country and the world.So, the year 2015 promises to be difficult due to the recent crisis.However, those who loves his job and is aimed at serious results, retain their popularity and ability to lead channel.It is these bloggers will benefit when the hard times will pass.Weak as it always is, will disappear, and the strong will earn twice as much.

How much can you earn on affiliate?

Yet as a blogger earns on "Youtube", for example, in the simplest way, in cooperation with Google AdSense?

From 300 to 1150 US dollars per month.Provided that the blogger is really trying.If he will spread low-quality content that will soon turn away from him, not only subscribers, but with them, and advertisers.

more nuances to be aware

to make a video blog, you must be eighteen years.If your age is less need parental consent.

Videos should be uploaded frequently, the best day to constantly remind yourself to subscribers and to gather more views.

Add your videos in their blogs or social page, so it will be more views and more people know about your channel.

Remember that first and foremost you should be interested in not how much earns blogger on "Youtube", you should really grab the very creation of video communication with subscribers, keeping its channel.Without the enthusiasm and love for his work in the field of Internet business, you will not achieve anything.And most importantly - is the belief in their success and in their strength.