Castor oil for cellulite.

One of the reasons that a woman gains weight - the presence in the body of toxins and impurities.Get rid of them - means to lose a few kilos, then the work of the internal organs and improve skin problems will not be.Castor oil for cellulite - it is a very effective tool to help bring toxins and bring the figure back to normal.When using it, it is not necessary to torture the body debilitating diets.All you need - is to stick to a balanced diet.

little history

Earlier, doctors believed that the castor oil - a universal tool that can help any disease.There is its own truth, for the reason that most ailments begin with the fact that the digestive system failures occur.

In Russia, women used castor oil that strengthen hair and eyelashes, moisturizes the skin and they get rid of wrinkles.Moreover, few people know that this product is used as a laxative.

Even in ancient Egypt, people knew about what has miraculous properties of castor oil.For losing weight and getting rid of cellulite it is used very often.Production of oil

castor oil used for the manufacture of the following method:

  • castor seeds necessarily sprinkle with salt before they overcome.
  • then grind the seeds well.
  • With castor media crush.
  • Only after they are fried or boiled.

The result is castor oil, which can already be used for other purposes.


Why is it used castor oil for cellulite?Reviews that leave women who really inspire much hope for improvement in the appearance of problem areas the figure.It's all a part of this facility.

main ingredient - castor.It cultivated the plant, so it is absolutely safe for humans.Its use does not imply negative effects.

castor oil used for weight loss, the resulting cold-pressed, it is considered more useful.In addition to getting rid of cellulite, oil nourishes and strengthens the body.

composition except castor:

  • Linoleic acid.
  • Retsinolevaya, oleic acid.
  • palmitic acid.

How to drink castor oil to lose weight

Want to get rid of unpleasant sensations in the intestine without the use of enemas and laxatives?Then the best option would be the use of castor oil.It copes with the main goal - the elimination of toxins and impurities.After drinking a laxative effect you will feel after only six hours.

Methods reception castor oil:

  • easiest way - once a week, take one tablespoon of castor oil on an empty stomach.It is important to consider that the cleansing of the body will be very intense, so it is best not to build up a plan for the day, dedicate it to yourself.
  • Castor oil cellulite, perhaps, is today considered not only the most effective way, but also safe, affordable.To achieve the goal you need to take it more often, but smaller doses.Before breakfast, eat a teaspoon of incomplete facilities, increase the dose over time, is not necessary.Course duration is one week, then be sure to make a break for your body within 10 days.
  • Mix castor oil and lemon juice.Now, as for the proportions.It all depends on your weight.If it is 60 kg, then you will need 6 grams of castor oil.Just then add a little lemon juice and heat all in a water bath.After the use of this mixture for several hours will not be able to drink or eat.

Anti-cellulite massage is often used castor oil for cellulite.Reviews women really prove that the effect is stunning.He lost not only the cellulite, but also stretching, moisturizes and tightens skin in problem areas.

For best results, you need to steam the skin, massage a mixture of the following ingredients:

  • Castor oil - 120 ml.
  • cedar essential oil - 30 drops.
  • grapefruit and lavender oil - 30 drops.
  • lemon oil - 40 drops.

During the massage in problem areas pinch the skin, rub the mixture well and then very soon you will see positive results.

wrap at home

wrap with castor oil is often practiced to get rid of excess weight and cellulite.When applied to the problem area with heated cloth with castor oil, the skin is fed, cleaned and drains toxins.

What is needed for carrying out the procedure at home:

  • cloth.In size it should be such that you could roll it in several layers and fully cover the problem area.
  • Cellophane.
  • towel.
  • Warmer.

Effective cellulite wraps at home:

  • can make a campfire using oil.
  • To enhance the effect, add to the mix a little lemon juice.
  • Castor oil with essential oils of cedar give elasticity problem area.
  • You can also make a mixture of castor oil and lavender oil.

For the procedure to select one of the solutions presented above.Good effect gives each of them, so is choosing on the basis of what you have at home.Take a cloth and soak it well-prepared solution, put on the problem area.Tightly secure the top with plastic, then a towel.You can also put a heating pad, make it warm enough.Sit back, preferably lying down, and held in this position for 30-40 minutes.Once the procedure comes to an end, all soda and rinse with warm water.Home cellulite wrap gives the effect of no worse than if you do the procedure in the cabin.

effect of treatments using castor oil

Every woman wants to make your body so that you can safely wear any clothes.Effective cellulite wraps at home does not take much time: just carry out the procedure once a week, and you will be surprised result.

With regular use, you will see the following:

  • skin becomes softer.
  • normalized color.
  • cellulite will be gone.
  • Those problem areas that have recently caused outrage you will now be elastic.

To make wraps with castor oil, optional visit expensive salons.Give your body a little time at home, and never will not regret it.

Benefits for the body

very popular to use castor oil for oral administration.

What this gives the body:

  • You will forget about constipation, intestinal peristalsis improves.
  • removes toxins and waste products due to the mild laxative effect.
  • cell metabolism is normalized.
  • restored fat and carbohydrate metabolism in the body.

Useful tips

Castor oil for cellulite and oral today recommend the use of all cosmetologists.Natural composition and positive impact on overall health can achieve this effect, what does not, no other means.

tips from the experts:

  • If you want to use castor oil for cellulite, then choose a product cold-pressed, and it can be mixed with other components.
  • natural product can be used both inside and outside (for wraps, massage).
  • tasted castor oil is not very pleasant, but if you use it after you eat a raisin, the gag reflex disappears.

Castor oil - is the best means of how to lose weight and to get rid of cellulite.Regular its use will result in your figure back to normal, and you will forget that once kompleksovali.