Lucian Freud's paintings with titles

despite the obvious view, realism in painting in its pure form is very rare and is unextended time history.Pictures of Lucian Freud - one of the most iconic artists of the XX century - is also difficult to unambiguously attributed to realistic art, although they man appears without any embellishment, devoid of all sorts of illusory veils ...

grandson of the founder of psychoanalysis

Father Lucien - Ernst Ludwig Freud - the youngest son of SigmundFreud, to make humanity a new way to look at ourselves, the nature of human thoughts, desires and actions.Grandson became a worthy successor to the famous grandfather's paintings of Lucian Freud by means of painting showed new depths of the human universe.

He was born in 1922 in Vienna, but when the German Nazis came to power (1933), together with his family moved to the United Kingdom.At first, the boy not very comfortable feeling in a new country.Bad English forces to loneliness, parents fully support his desire to paint, and artist Lucian Freud, whose paintings are worth millions, begins its long journey, which lasted until the end of the first decade of the next century.

search itself

first work of the artist in many ways consistent with the spirit of the forties of the last century, he did not abandon figurative painting in favor of complete abstraction, but was looking for a new look at the surroundings.He denied any influence of the masters of the past or contemporary, but some paintings by Lucian Freud initial phase of creativity is considered to be surreal.It seems obvious - namely, the idea of ​​his grandfather in many ways became the theoretical basis of said flow.

This is the "Room of the artist" (1943-1944) with the head of a zebra, just look into the creative space painters.But these motives can be considered accidental: Lucien becomes inherent in closer, almost an optical sight, filigree, accurate and hard "dyurerovsky" figure ("Rabbit on a chair", 1944) and initially smooth and worked through painting style, similar to the style of the masters protorenessansa andNorthern Renaissance.There are the first large portraits: "A woman with a tulip" (1945), "Portrait of a Man with burdock" (1945) and others.

main genre

He said that he was always more comfortable to communicate with animals ... Widely known for his animalisticmasterpieces - "Colt" (1970), "Eli" (2002), "gray gelding" (2003);his still lifes impressive technology and content - the "box of apples in Wales" (1939), "Still life with a book '(1991-1992), but above all by Lucian Freud paintings - portraits.

He almost never written contract or formal portraits, with the exception of the famous image of Queen Elizabeth II (2000-2001), and always drew only those who were interested in him, and whom he knew well.In many ways, it started with his first wife - Kitty Garman, with whom they lived for four years.Her portraits - "Girl in a dark jacket" (1947), "Girl with a kitten" (1947), "Girl with a white dog" (1952) - Master finds its main theme, but continues to search for the picturesque style.

Francis Bacon.Tactile realism

only artist whom Freud could call his mentor, was another classic of postwar art - Francis Bacon, who was 15 years his senior.Together they exhibited in the pavilion at the exhibition in the UK of Venice, Freud wrote some of his portraits.

It is believed that under the influence of Bacon finally formed that special painting style, which is recognizable by Lucien Freud.His paintings lose their former smoothness, perfectionist approach to the finish, the characters lose the light stylized and become more convincing, take on flesh and blood, and the flesh is not ideal, inherent in it the most natural and earthly signs, it is physiological, the portrayed acquire a stunningly written the skin and hair, causingalmost tactile.

Other Beauty

"I am writing to people as they could be" - so said Lucien Freud.Paintings period of his creative maturity speak about a man like this has not been taken before.The artist has formed a unique approach to nudity.He is far from academic and classical traditions, goes beyond the Impressionists, mercilessly showing momentary weight of the human body, its frailty.For him the main thing is a sense of presence, reality clashes with the character.Beauty proportions and color combinations becomes unimportant, beauty becomes the other.

There is the amazing thing: people's faces almost grotesquely distorted, their bodies are far from ancient proportions, poses intensely uncomfortable and shameless nudity causes weak erotic emotion extinguish frank naturalism - but these portraits do not cause denial, every moment becomes tangible significance of existence of eachindividual artist traced surprise harmony of God's creation, even if it takes the unusual form.

course, his art is too extraordinary not to raise a wave of incomprehension and quiet loud rejection.Many moralists irritate signed the name of Lucien Freud paintings: "Daughters, albeit illegitimate, but its to show in this way can only pervert!" Yes, his art will never be accepted by all without exception.

Inner Circle

called him a master of the last century.He never wrote the photographs, not watching movies and television, he has always worked with nature for a long time and carefully studying every detail, sometimes bringing sitters to exhaustion - not by accident in his paintings a lot of lying and sleeping patterns.

Another is clear even after a brief acquaintance with the phenomenon of Lucian Freud: Paintings (picture presented in the article), made in his workshop, show a high degree of mutual trust between artist and model.It is no coincidence in the best of Freud's paintings depicted his family, friends, wives, mistresses and children - legitimate and illegitimate (total number, according to unspecified sources, - at least four dozen).

Terrific portrait series of the artist's mother.After the death of her husband of Lucy Freud attempted suicide, and her son, making it a model for his paintings and tried to give her the strength to continue living, give it meaning.She lived for more almost two decades and has remained on the graphic sheets and magnificent paintings: "The mother of the artist" (1972), "Portrait in the Interior" (1973), "The mother of the artist during the holidays" (1976), and so on. D.


He called himself a creature of habit, he did not become uninteresting man he wrote many times, for a long time.Now we are interested to see how people change and how the master himself.He had several such models: 1. The artist from the world of fashion and just freak, who died of AIDS - Leigh Bowery (1961-1994).Especially expressive portrait of Leigh Bowery 1991, "Naked man, Rear View" (1992), "Lee under fluorescent light" (1994), "The Last Lie portrait» (1995.

2. closest friend and assistant David Dawson - "David, Pluto and Eli "(2001)," David and Eli "(2003).

3. Susan Taylli. It led to Freud Leigh Bowery, which she wrote the book. Her we can see in the pictures" Woman with a tattoo on his arm"(1996)," Sleeping on the lion Carpet "(1996). She served as a model for the most expensive painting, which was written by Lucien Freud -" The social worker is asleep "(1995). This painting was sold at auction in 1995 for unimaginable forliving artists $ 33, 6 million.

last classic figurative painting

He retired in 2011, nearly 90 years after spending the easel most of his life. Fame and money are not really interested him came when he was invery old age. Last sezannist last existentialist legend Expressionism - the art critics do not like it when there is no appropriate, in their opinion, the shortcut.

There were also unknown, but made by the artist by the name of Lucien Freud paintings, and the names included in the world history of painting, "Interior in Paddington" (1951), "Reflection with two children" (1965), "Large Interior, W11 (forexplanation of Watteau) "(1981-1983), a ruthless to itself a self-portrait, 1993" Artist at work.Reflection "," After Cezanne "(2000), a portrait of the artist David Hockney (2002)," Foreman "(2003), one of the last self-portraits -" Artist, caught unawares naked groupie "(2007).

paradox - one of the signs of this, an extraordinary artist.The great contradiction excites interest in painting by Lucian Freud: he seems to be saying: "I look aloof, I was not interested in the inner world, I want to convey the surface shell."But it is impossible to believe that the grandson of the creator of psychoanalysis: his paintings - a fascinating conversation, enriching the knowledge and attentive audience about a particular person and of the whole universe.