How to draw a strawberry realistic and decorative

If you decide to learn how to draw a strawberry, so you want to do the creative process on paper, canvas or electronic device.Read more instructions with step by step guidance and photos.Choose the desired pattern.Try your strength.You will succeed, because the work on the final scheme is very simple.

Be consistent

If you decide to learn how to draw a strawberry, for starters, choose the simplest sample and perform the work step by step.Make contour image, and then use a paint or colored pencils, crayons or any other material.

Always move from simple to complex both in the choice of the plot, and to create each image.

How to draw a strawberry pencil

This section describes the sequence of contour drawing a berry.It is quite simplified, so to make this option will not be difficult.Work as follows:

1. Take the album sheet, or any other.Place it horizontally in front of you.It is always advised to draw objects in realistic proportions and sizes.If you find it difficult to do a small image, you can use the full space of the large sheet.For convenience, swipe diagonally to respect them to compare your image with the sample.This will determine the correct proportions of the object.Even more accurate method is used when the grid, that is, the set of lines.This picture is not very complicated, so the two guides will be enough.So draw sepals foreground.

2. Add the twig and leaves, which are located behind it.

3. Draw the shape of berries, as shown in the figure.

4. Show the right seeds.

5. Now add three more to the left.

6. Doris rest, located on the narrowest part of klubnichiny.

7. The circuit is ready.Now you can use crayons, markers or paint.

painted several pictures of this scheme on the same sheet and adding the form of a dish, you get a sketch of still life with juicy summer fruit.

How to draw a strawberry pencil stages

The following example will help you to portray a stylized berry that looks like a cartoon character.While following the construction of a well-used when drawing realistic objects.

So, works as follows:

1. With the help of a compass or stencil make a circle, draw a line on the axis of symmetry and draw two auxiliary lines, which will make further steps.

2. Regarding the implementation of the earlier draw a circle shape berries with leaves.

3. Perform the eyes and nose.If you want a realistic image, skip this step.

4. Draw on the surface of the fruit seeds.

5. Remove the auxiliary lines.

Image cheerful character set.You can paint it, to finish the handle, decorate bow.Creative imagination.

Figure 4 steps: Apply outline and paint

The following example demonstrates how to draw step by step strawberry very realistic and natural.The work is done quickly, since it does not use additional construction lines.Proceed as follows:

1. Draw the outline of the same form as in the image.

2. Apply to the surface pattern of ovals (available to order).

3. Complete the subject, and a sprig of leaves.

4. Fill in the desired color pattern and trace the outline of a black pen.

variant with stroke always looks impressive and decorative.

How to tone pattern

If you decide to learn how to draw a strawberry pencil to transfer the amount of light and shadow, then analyze the following picture.Take it as a model.

to make the form of berries, use any of the above options.Add the leaves, flowers and stems.Try to keep the proportions of these elements relative to each other.When the circuit is made, apply shading.If you are a beginner, use a medium soft pencil and better make only light shade.Light leave white.Trace the outlines of objects and the darkest areas go again.Figure get realistic with some decoration.

So, you have learned step by step how to draw a strawberry.Different options presented above will help to realize our plans quickly and easily, even a novice artist.