Brown cane sugar: the harm and benefit, and calorie use

Recently, on the shelves of our shops you can find cane sugar.Harm and benefits of this product are not known to many, although most fans are buying healthy food is his.It is believed that it is less calories and not as harmful.After all sugar has long been called the "white death" because of its ability to cause various diseases.Many are trying to opt out of this product, because look after their health.But doctors warn that the body needs glucose.It is very important for the brain.Therefore, unrefined cane sugar is an important product on the table for those people who want to be healthy.Moreover, you can buy it in any supermarket.

What is brown sugar

What distinguishes it from conventional beet - few know.White refined sugar is more accessible because its production is cheaper, and sugar beet from which it is made, is growing everywhere.But in order to become suitable sugar for use, it is subjected to the complex process of cleaning and whitening.That is why it is considered so harmful.A brown it kind of made from sugar cane.His homeland is India, and many hundreds of years ago, he became popular in Europe.Get this sweetness through boiling, and he was not in need of bleaching.The brown mass of molasses has a pleasant smell and is ready for use without further treatment.Still, it is more expensive than regular sugar.Price overseas sweetness is more than 100 rubles per kilogram.

Useful than brown sugar

Through gentle way of processing of sugar cane sweetness, this turns out not only delicious, but also useful.It retains all the vitamins and minerals contained in the reeds.What is different from the usual sugar cane?Harm and benefits of it are the subject of many disputes.But it is proved that he has such advantages:

  • contains fiber, B vitamins, zinc, potassium, and iron;
  • it much less sucrose, but a lot of glucose, which is very good for the brain;
  • it has beneficial effects on the activity of many organs, especially the liver and spleen;
  • does not alter the taste of foods to which it is added.

Can this product be harmful

Supporters of a healthy diet is only trying to buy it.They believe that to maintain a healthy and beautiful shape fits best is sugar cane.Harm and benefits of this product in many cases are exaggerated.For, example, its calorie is not much lower than normal.Therefore, those who want to lose weight should also reduce the rate of consumption of sweets, even if it is brown sugar.After all, it is when used in large quantities contributes to obesity.This is because the glucose which is in cane sugar, directly into the blood and give the body energy.If a man will not waste it, it postponed reserve.Therefore, the view that sugar cane can be consumed in large quantities, is not true.Like White, he can cause metabolic disorders, disorder of the pancreas, low immunity, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

What happens cane sugar

Brown gives him a syrup.What it more, the product is darker.Therefore, some manufacturers who want to earn, stained brown table sugar.Its price is much higher, and that's no good - only harm.

The best considered as raw sugar, as it retained more nutrients.That he is popular among the fans of a healthy diet.There are several kinds of brown sugar:

  • Grade demerara imported from South America.It differs sticky wet crystals of golden-brown color.This sugar is the softest of the action and is considered the most useful.
  • muskovado variety has a pronounced caramel flavor.The consistency it is wet and sticky, dark color.
  • Grade turbinado - a sugar with larger dry particles.In the production of a partly purified.
  • Barbados Black valued most.He has a very dark and wet, sticky texture.

Why cane sugar so popular

Once in Russia centuries ago was introduced this product, it was available only to the wealthy.And in recent years he has appeared on the shelves of our stores.But not everyone is now aware that this sugar cane.Harm and benefits of it are still a subject of controversy.But experienced chefs added to baked goods only him, because he gives the patties and buns unique refined taste and aroma.Also, the bartenders prefer to make cocktails and coffee only from cane sugar.

How to distinguish a fake

To purchase ordinary tinted sugar, need to know what to look for when buying:

  • on the packaging have to be pointed out that it is unrefined;
  • real cane sugar can not be sold in the form of briquettes or perfectly smooth homogeneous sand, as all its crystals have a different shape;
  • made such sugar only in South America, the USA or in Mauritius.