Dream Interpretation: what dreams, what you eat?

As you know, man can not live without food, respectively, the process of eating is our most that neither is a natural and necessary thing.What if you had a dream that you have something to eat?We offer learn about interpretations of this dream, to seek help from a number of the most detailed and well-known dream books of our time.

Dreams Miss Hasse: what dreams that eat

According to this source, if in a dream you eat something very tasty, it is waiting for you in life and well-being.The dishes taste good promise of disease and lack of pleasure.Spoiled food portends getting bad news.If you had a dream that eats someone else, then in the near future expect an invitation for some interesting event.

What dream that you eat: Dreams Tsvetkova

According to this source, a dream in which you eat something to eat, promises a series of small troubles.However, if you dream that you eat bread, something like a vision is considered a good sign, premonitory luck and acquisition of wealth.A dream in

which you see Kushan others, is seen as a harbinger of your elevation above others.If you dream you are considering a variety of delicious-looking dish, but do not touch them, then you expect some good and joyful events.

medieval dream interpretation: what dreams that eat

According to the compilers of this collection of interpretations of dream, if you dream that you eat some sweets, then in real life at risk to face violence against you or your loved ones.Be careful!If you dreamed that you eat dust or earth, then get ready for an early departure.

Meneghetti Italian dream interpretation: what dreams that eat

This source considers the use of food as a symbol of vitality, power, love and procreation.So if you dream you are eating something in the real world crave to gain more strength, power, love and vitality.Tasty and quality food represents satisfaction of the current life situation and your status.If you dream you are constantly chew hard, it is possible that in reality are lacking in love or dissatisfaction in the profession.Giving food to others - strive to help those who suffer, thereby improving their image and status.

Veles Small Dream Book: what a dream meal

According to the compilers of the dream book, the whole process of eating promises dreamer sadness, problems, difficulties, or even illness.If you dream that you are eating pancakes, expect important news.What dreams have a sweet tooth?This dream promises great joy and the associated pleasant chores.Beans also dream to unpleasant hassle bread - to face the probability of theft, mushrooms - the problems with the stomach, peas - to tears.What a dream to eat meat?This dream is regarded as a harbinger of a succession of troubles and difficulties that do not take long and soon occur in excess in your life's journey.