Bray legs: 10 mistakes that women

Did you know that a square inch of the human body is located approximately 3-4 thousand hair follicles ?!Is it any wonder that turns shaving her legs for many women in this torture?There are those who argue: in today's world, there are other methods of hair removal on the legs.I agree, but we note that this method has not been canceled, it is the most affordable and simple, and therefore focus on the 10 most common mistakes shaving, as well as how to avoid them.

first mistake. you spend time and effort by using a dull razor.Razor should be changed at least once a week.

second mistake. you shave your feet in no time.Shaving - not the procedure in the implementation of which need rush.To obtain a satisfactory result, which will continue for a long time, shave slowly.

third mistake. you shave the hair on the inflamed skin.At the same time, you only remove the top protective layer of skin than only enhances the irritation that causes a burning sensation and pain.Not to mention the risk of infection.It is safer to use an electric razor.

fourth mistake. After shaving, you immediately take a bath, or soul, and wipes her dress.You're making a big mistake.After shaving, be sure to apply a moisturizer code.In addition, the moisturizer in the summer is very refreshing and soothing the skin.

fifth error. When you use shaving soap, believing that it can replace the necessary means.Very soon you will see that it is not.Instead of soap, use quality shaving gel.

sixth error. Immediately after shaving you go sunbathing.Give your skin a rest for at least 12 hours.

seventh error. last tip is especially important if you're relaxing in the seaside resort.Getting on the shaved skin fresh, salt water causes burning.Perhaps, before a dip in the sea is to wait a day.

eighth error. Some cosmetologists do not recommend shaving against the direction of hair growth.Unfortunately, if you do not, it will not be enough shaving ineffective.That's where you come in handy a good shaving gel.

ninth error. you shave legs in the evening.To perform this procedure in the morning for women is as important as it is for men.At this time, the skin is particularly resilient, which facilitates the sliding of the razor.

tenth error. you do not treat your skin and hair before shaving.Before shaving hair should soak up the water for at least three minutes.Dry hair harder to shave, resulting in blunting the razor and skin inflammation.

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