And that's what dreams?

During sleep the human brain processes all the information received during the past day.There are people who are in a difficult situation can "order" a dream, prompting the right direction to break the deadlock.Do not be surprised, but this is quite possible.To do this, before going to sleep you need to focus on the situation you are interested.Unfortunately, not everyone can understand exactly what they dreamed, or even what.Since the images that arise in response to your question, there are very unpredictable.
Surely you once, but still dreamed of felines.Waking up in the morning, you're wondering why you saw them, and, in general, this is what dreams.Kitten and cat, especially if you have seen them on the eve of an important event, not a good sign, most likely, in reality you want to cheat, you should be especially careful with people who offer any, in their opinion, a winning combination.Most likely, they will receive a long-awaited jackpot.

If currently no significant activities are not going on, but you still wondering what dreams little kittens, you should know that it usually means a series of small troubles, the occurrence of which is imminent.

to fear the emergence of a rival in your married life if you dreamed of a black Purring.
you a pretty young lady, whose fans do not give a pass?That's what dreams (kittens and a cat, for example) in such a seemingly brilliant period?Most likely, their courtship is absolutely empty and do not promise you promise to love.

But not always so bad, if you remember, what color was your character.Surprisingly, even this time plays a significant role in the interpretation.So that means if you dream of a white cat?In reality you are sure to get a gift, perhaps the long-awaited tenderness and affection from your loved one.Redhead palette - a sign of good luck in the near future.

If your dream snake kills kittens, in reality, your opponents will fail trying to deceptive ways to hurt you.
If you are the representative of the trade, you need to work to the maximum, because the competitors will struggle to destroy your business.

harbinger of great change and perhaps even a change of residence may be a vision in which the cat carries its kittens.

hear meowing in a dream can mean that a person who so diligently pretends to be your friend wants to hurt you.

So, back to what it means to see a cat, and in general this phenomenon is what dreams.Kitten and cat, for example, in very poor condition - it can mean?Dirty and skinny - a sign that most likely you will tell someone bad news, perhaps even about the illness of a loved one.

If you see the process of feeding, it is likely that in the next period you will have to grow up, to solve their own problems encountered.

Realizing that what dreams kitten and cat including, though you can not know exactly what will happen, but still pay attention to some important things going on in your life events.And draw the necessary conclusions with respect to those or other people.