In some cases, granted reduced working hours?

shorter working hours means not 40 hours a week, as recorded in the TC, and from 39 and less.Provided it is in some cases provided by law.Accordingly, if you find yourself in this list, you may require the management reducing the number of working hours.

  1. pregnant women.Expectant mothers, regardless of health status, are entitled to work in day 8 and for 7 hours at the five-day workweek standard.Shorter working hours for pregnant women from the first trimester is available as soon as a woman learns about his situation.Subsequently, she can ask day reduced to 5-6 hours if the status is satisfactory or poor.Also, the employer is obliged to reduce the number of hours per week to 20, if a pregnant woman is working in hazardous environments.Wages, however, remains the same.

  2. shorter working hours may require mothers who have a child (ren) under 14 years.Single mothers provided a short time on the same footing as married women.

  3. women having a disabled child of any age, who lives with her.Disability in this case - the first and second groups.

  4. men, raising a child without a wife.The same rights as a woman, is a single father.

  5. Workers with disabilities can also count on a shorter working day.

  6. Minors employees under the age of 18 years.

  7. Employees harmful production.

Additionally, the employer is obliged to introduce reduced working day before the holiday.Just do not count on a 50% reduction in hours.As a rule, employers are not willing to pay the extra money that the employees have not earned, shorten the day for a maximum of 10%.At the same time, they have the right to allocate the time for the whole week to make up for normal hours.

Employers are going to other shifts.Short day they provide without talking, but wages are paid according to productivity hours.Thus, shorter working hours has a strong impact on the cash payment.

to require the employer reduced working hours, you will have to collect documents confirming the reason for the transition to the New working conditions.This can help with the medical conclusion about pregnancy, health condition or disability of the child.You will need to bring documents confirming the presence of children under 14 years of age or the fact that you educate them alone.

Of course, all of the rights you can claim only in state-owned enterprises, private organizations is working not the labor code, most likely you will be denied and you can not do anything.Also, if you just ask for employment guidance shorter working hours, wait refusal to accept you for the position.Of course, this is not the law, but the company will find the reason why you will not come as the required personnel.