Do not do today what you can do tomorrow.

postpone something for later considered incorrect.
But there are situations in which the delay can be positive.

postpone waste.
one thing when you're wasting money by making useful purchases.But as soon as you have a desire to make a shopping trip just to kill time, try to postpone it.Just say, "I'll do it later, not now."
To begin with you must understand the difference between the purchase, which you really need, and shopping that you do for pleasure.If you do not want to confuse these two concepts, you'll never buy a second pair of trousers is not bought food.

Do not hurry to make a deal.
getting paid, you go home.Suddenly, it suits well-dressed people and offers the best massage chair in the world.He is so convincingly describes the amazing features of the chair that you're ready with a smile, give him all his money.Similar
sellers - real professionals.You do not even think of a chair when you give money, but you just can not stop thinking about the successful transaction.

follow a simple rule: before you buy something, you think - whether you needed this five minutes ago.If not, you probably do not need now.Postpone the purchase, leave yourself time to think about it.

Do not hurry with the decision of the important questions, if time suffers.
important issues, for example, to call the future of children, or where to invest the money earned, require quite a lot of time.
Such decisions are not taken immediately.It is necessary to consider all options and choose the right one.It is important to make a wise decision not to get that delay did not make sense.

postpone emotions.
Can I?It is not easy, but possible.When you
something suppressed, say out loud: "I will not think about it now, I'll think about it later." Why worry about the unfinished work, when you're at home?This makes no sense, you would not be able to finish it.So is it worth to be nervous?Postpone the problem for tomorrow.

postpone procrastination.
When you have to clean the house and decides to do it later, what do you do in the end?
watch TV, read a book or lie down to take a nap.
This postponement of cases.
must learn to put off such delays.

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