Awarded "Golden Globe" - 2015

Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) awarded their prizes in Los Angeles on January 11.Veli ceremony comedienne Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.It is believed that films and actors marked with "Golden Globe", tend to get higher and film awards - "Oscar."

Recall that the most nominations (7) had a picture «Birdman» , followed her «Adolescence» and «The Imitation Game» (each was presented in 5 categories).

At the 72th ceremony of "Globes" actor and producer George Clooney received a special award Sessil DeMille, which is awarded for outstanding achievements in film.

By the way, in the "Golden Globe" Clooney came to the "wedding" tuxedo, the magazine writes Hollywood Reporter .

most scandalous event of the ceremony was the Meryl Streep pose with a woman dressed in a North Korean military uniform.

Below are the nominees and winners of the "Golden Globe" (they are in bold red font) in the main kinokategoriyah:

Best Film
«The Imitation Game» (The Imitation Game)
«Adolescence» (Boyhood)

"Selma» (Selma)
«Universe Stephen Hawking» (Theory of Everything)
«foxcatcher» (Foxcatcher)

Best Director
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu - "Birdman» (Birdman)
Richard Linklater - "Adolescence »(Boyhood)
Wes Anderson -" Hotel Grand Budapest »
David Fincher -" Vanished »
Ava Duvernet -" Selma »(Selma)

best dramatic actress
Julianne Moore -" Still Alice "
Reese Witherspoon - "Wild»
Rosamund Pike - "Vanished»
Felicity Jones - "The Universe Stephen Hawking»
Jennifer Aniston - "Cake»

Best dramatic actor
Steve Carrell - "foxcatcher»
BenedictCumberbatch - "The Imitation Game»
Jake Gyllenhaal - "Stringer»
David Oyelowo - "Selma»
Eddie Redmayne - "The Universe Stephen Hawking»

Best Actor
Robert Duvall - "Judge»
Ethan Hawke - "Adolescence»
Edward Norton - "Birdman»
Mark Ruffalo - "foxcatcher»
J. K. Simmons - "Obsession»

Best Actress
Patricia Arquette - "Adolescence »
Emma Stone -" Birdman »
Meryl Streep -" The farther into the woods »
Keira Knightley -" The Imitation Game »
Jessica Chastain -" a most violent year »

best comedy / musical
« Birdman»
« Hotel Grand Budapest »
« The farther into the woods ... »
« Pride »
« Saint Vincent »

Best Actor in a comedy / musical
Michael Keaton (Birdman)
Bill Murray (Saint Vincent)
Christoph Waltz ("Big eyes»)
Joaquin Phoenix ("Congenital»)
Ralph Fiennes ("Hotel Grand Budapest«)

Best Actress in a comedy / musical
Amy Adams ("Bigeyes »)
Emily Blunt (" The farther into the woods ... »)
Helen Mirren (" The Hundred-Foot Journey »)
Quvenzhané Wallis (« Annie »)
Julianne Moore (" Star map »)

Best Comedy Series
«Jane the Virgin»
«Orange - hit of the season»
«Silicon Valley»

Outstanding Drama Series
«Game of Thrones»
«Downton Abbey»
«House of Cards»
« Lovers »
« The Good Wife »

Best Cartoon
« Lego.Movie »
« The Boxtrolls »
« The Book of Life »
« How to Train Your Dragon 2 "
« City of Heroes »

Best Foreign Language Film
« Leviathan "- Andrei Zvyagintsev - Russia
« Ida"- Pavel Pawlikowski - Poland
« Force Majeure "- Ruben Östlund, Sweden
« Tangerine "- Zaza Urushadze, Estonia
« Het "- Ronit and Shlomi Elkabets Israel

Best Song
Big Eyes -« Bigeyes »
Glory -« Selma »
Mercy Is -« Noah »
Opportunity -« Annie »
Yellow Flicker Beat -« The Hunger Games: Jay-peresmeshnitsa.Part I »

Best Music
« Interstellar »
« The Imitation Game »
« Universe Stephen Hawking »
« Birdman »
« vanished »

Recall that the prize" Golden Globe "awarded more than70 years of film and television projects, marked by 90 journalists from 50 countries accredited in Hollywood.

Photo Source: WENN