What if the very hair fell out

skin, nails and hair indicate health of the human body.If at least one of these three components there are problems, you start to sound the alarm, because it means that the body that something is wrong.

On the problem

Everyone must understand that hair loss - this is a normal situation.Only for all there is a limit and a certain rate.How to determine whether the number is not a big hair falls out?To do this, carry out the test: to stretch your hands on the back of the head, the crown and temples.If between the fingers left more than five hair, you need to start treatment.


So, if a woman is very hair fell out, you must first determine why it happened.The most common reason - stress situations.Affect hair loss can overwork and lack of sleep, poor diet and too short-term exposure to fresh air.If the lady is very hair fell out, it may be due to the hormonal stress of a fairly serious illness.Also, this problem may occur seasonally, the cause may be incorrectly chosen preparations for hair care or poor-quality shampoos.Before you start treatment, the cause of hair loss be sure to exclude.


If a woman has become very much the hair to fall out, you need to learn how to properly care for them.Frequent or too rare shampooing, painting or the use of lacquers or styling foams, frequent blow-drying or straightening utjuzhkom - all traumatize the hair and causes hair loss.

to hair falling out in large numbers, some things you just need to eliminate and change something in the care of their own hair.Wash your head should be a quality shampoo, comb wooden or bone combs.You can take preventive mask - it is also an excellent tool to maintain health.After washing, rinse your hair with a good infusion of chamomile (for blonde girls) or tea brewing (for brunettes).


What to do if hair fall out strongly?Treatment - this is a sure way to get rid of the problem.What you can do?The easiest option would be purchased at your local pharmacy remedy for hair loss.But you can try to avoid treatment pharmacy drugs, using folk remedies and techniques that are simply stunning effect.

If very hair fell out, you can try the following mask, which will help them to grow faster.It will be a mustard mask, which can be used no more than once a week.To prepare it, it will take one part of honey mustard powder and burdock oil, a yolk and three parts water.All mix and massaged to the hair.Keep no more than 20 minutes.Rinse thoroughly.The result will be seen in a month.

help grow new hair would also common table salt - it needs to be before washing the head to rub massaged into the skin for 15 minutes.The course of treatment - a month.If very much lost his hair after shampooing rinse hair well with beer or kvass - this will also help the growth of new hairs.