For three years she considered herself dead

During this period, 17-year-old Hayley Smith suffered Cotard's syndrome - a rare disease in which a person is sure that part of his body or the whole body completely died.Cure it helped psychologists and ... Disney cartoons.

"It began shortly after my parents divorced, - says Haley. - I was unable to cope with this situation. One day in the English class, I had a strange feeling, as if I had died. To get rid of these feelingsI could not".

Smith appealed to the school nurse, who did not find anything wrong with the girl.

Haley: On the way home, I wanted to go to the cemetery, only in order to be closer to the other dead.It was only due to the fact that nearby there was no cemetery, I went home and tried to sleep ".

She hoped that after her sleep, feeling that she was deceased, disappear. And, indeed, during thea few days feeling like Haley did not bother, but then again returned.

Haley: "I went shopping and suddenly the feeling that I was dead, again returned.The whole body was numb and I dropped all the dresses that were in my hands and ran headlong out of the store.I had a feeling that I'm going crazy ".

this time feeling the deceased has not disappeared.

girl began to skip classes, started to sleep during the day and stay awake at night.

She said that was the dream of picnics in the cemeteries andspend a lot of time watching horror movies because seeing on-screen zombies, she relaxed and felt them in the family circle.

Over time, Haley decided to adopt a "new" way of life. I decided to have everything you want asbelieved that the dead do not get fat, I stopped to chat with friends and friends who suspected that it is something wrong.

Eventually she talked about the problem with one of his friends. She was afraid that he considers her crazy,but the guy listened attentively to her. It gave her confidence and encouraged to tell all his father. He insisted that the daughter seemed psychiatrist.

But it took a full two years before Haley decided to take this step.She was diagnosed with Cotard's syndrome, also called syndrome of the walking dead.

Haley: "It was great to know that it is a disease. I rummaged in the internet, and found there the stories of other people who suffer from this disease. They also wanted to spend time in the cemeteries. I even began to feel better, knowing that I am so not one".

conversations with a psychiatrist girl opened the way to recovery.Haley also found that a huge help for its rehabilitation are Disney cartoons.From their view the soul becomes better.Once Haley even asked her boyfriend Jeremy, "How can I be dead if Disney makes me feel so good?"

Smith gradually began to feel better.

She admits that she really helped Jeremy and Disney cartoons.

disease now gone.Hayley Jeremy hoping to get married soon and are very eager to find a job in Disney World.

"Being a corpse was the most bizarre events in my life's journey, but I'm very glad that I managed to get out of this situation alive", - Smith finishes his story.

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