Prayer driver - assistance heavenly forces

no secret that the first place in the number of victims takes death as a result of a traffic accident.The pace of modern life can not do without the use of a vehicle.To the road no problem, there is a special "Prayer of the driver."

What is prayer?

Prayer is a request to God, expressed verbally or mentally.It is believed that only pure thoughts, and without extraneous and selfish thoughts, it will be heard.

Prayer is an integral part of the Christian religion.She - a conductor between the earthly and divine worlds.Unfortunately, modern believers pray only in cases of danger and disease.Often Orthodox forget to pray for peace, for the health of loved ones, preferring to ask for material benefits for themselves.

Travel Help

divine forces are always ready to help those who ask about it.The road is the place of increased risk.To the driver and passengers do not happen, there is a special "Prayer of the driver."

It is an appeal to the Lord to protect people on the move."Prayer is the driver" will help travelers on the train and the plane.Will protect the occupants from the car accident.

words of the prayer

Divine "Prayer of the driver" works wonders.This is evidenced by numerous cases of witnesses.At the last moment a prayer saved them from certain death.

The text should be written in large letters on a sheet of paper.Before you get behind the wheel, it must be read three times.While reading you can not take the time to make mistakes and mix words.Therefore, the words of prayer, it is desirable to write legibly.

to prayer was always at hand, it must be installed in an accessible place in the vehicle.Thus, the front panel can put an icon of the Mother of God, Jesus Christ or Saint Nicholas.And for the icon to put a piece of text with a prayer.

Its text is contained in the Orthodox prayers.If it is not at hand, you can seek help from the nearest temple.Priests will write the text.

rules read

When the prayer is to the driver on the road?There are basic rules for its reading:

  • Before getting into the vehicle, should be crossed himself.
  • should ask the Lord for permission to travel.To do this, you must say: "God bless."
  • Now you can say a prayer to the driver.First, you can read the written text.In the future, it is necessary to memorize.
  • Prayer should read 3 times, each time making the sign of the cross.

patron saint of drivers

Protects drivers from accidents on the road of St. Nicholas.He is considered the main helper and protector of Orthodox Christians.

There is a special prayer driver pleaser Nicholas (Miracle Worker).It is also customary to read before you start the trip.If the text of the prayer is not, you can just mentally ask Saint Nicholas defend and protect from the dangers of the road.

Rules Orthodox drive

  • Before getting into the car, make sure that you are wearing a crucifix.
  • crossed himself and said, "God bless."
  • a prayer to the driver.
  • Be extremely careful while driving.
  • not break traffic rules.
  • Before long road go to the temple and put a candle to the patron drivers - Saint Nicholas.
  • After the trip read the prayer "Our Father" or "Prayer of St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker" and thank God for the successful completion of cases.
  • crossed himself and said: "Lord, have mercy."

Read "Prayers driver" before each trip to help protect themselves from dangerous situations on the road and save the lives of the faithful.