"Miracle" - milk chocolate.

Not only children love this popular drink milk with a rich chocolate flavor.It is preferred by adults.Everyone knows that the manufacturers to increase the shelf life of the finished product, add it stabilizers, and preservatives.For those who are watching their diet and wants to make it as healthy and useful, it is better to learn to cook "Miracle" - milk chocolate - yourself.

taste of childhood

Chocolate milk - is a favorite drink of many people, which is obtained by mixing the two ingredients: cocoa and milk.Cocoa in its composition makes the taste of rich chocolate.

And even if the child does not like milk, then in the "wonderful" drink he could barely recognize him, but at the same time gain useful to the body portion of the goodies.

milk with chocolate flavor can be purchased at the store or make your own.The home version is presented less ingredients, and the use of a cocktail will be more.Some manufacturers, trying to complement the taste of the drink, deviate from the traditional recipe and its ingredients include additional ingredients.

Brand "Miracle" - the leader in the production of dairy desserts in Russia.For nearly 20 years the company produces chocolate milk with the same name.On the shelves you can find "Miracle" - milk chocolate - with strawberry, banana, caramel or vanilla.Many such experiments enjoy a classic drink.But still the most delicious - the traditional option with a strong chocolate flavor.

Drink milk drink cold.It was then that the taste of cocktail fully revealed.

milk chocolate composition "miracle"

Generally, in the "wonderful" drink 3% fat content, represented in the store, the milk contained normalized, sugar, cocoa powder, starch, sucrose, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B2.But more than just a chocolate drink of potassium, making stable operation of the cardiovascular system.Simultaneous use of calcium and phosphorus positively reflected in the regeneration of bone and strengthen them.

That is why milk drinks are recommended for children.

The longer chocolate milk contains carbohydrates than protein or fat.They rapidly increase the level of insulin in the blood, thereby saturating the body with energy.This allows for athletes after exercise, when you need as soon as possible to restore power.At the same time, children who use "Miracle", always cheerful and active.

Such useful miracle milk!

almost from the time when the first time was prepared milk-chocolate drink among nutritionists and producers does not stop debate about its benefits for the body.The first show that the amount of sugar in its composition at the regular use is likely to get obesity.The second of the opposite opinion.

Everyone knows that milk is good for health.Especially it is necessary to drink for children, so that their bones were strong.But for adult it is not less valuable.As many studies show, one pack of "Miracle" (chocolate milk) is able to recover after the most grueling sports training.It is a real energy drink for the body.

remove mental and emotional stress students will drink a glass of "Miracle."Chocolate milk, the price of which depends on the volume of the package and varies from 20 to 70 rubles (per 200 ml and 1 liter, respectively) - this is a great snack for the child during the school day.And adults have not renounced it.

«Miracle" - milk chocolate: Is harmful to the body?

addition to nutritionists, expressing concern about the excessive use of uncontrolled children sugary drinks, there are a number of other factors, due to which the milk chocolate can be harmful.

First of all, this cocktail is not suitable for people with lactose intolerant individual.It is a natural sugar that is found in milk and dairy products.Calorie drink does not allow to use it for weight loss.Adding sugar makes it impossible to use chocolate milk diabetics.

How to make your own chocolate milk?

It is not necessary to enjoy the familiar childhood drink, buy it at the store.At home, you can quickly and easily prepare a "miracle" - chocolate milk.How to do it yourself?To begin to prepare the necessary ingredients:

  • milk - 500 ml;
  • cream 10-20% - 500 ml;
  • cocoa - 4 tablespoons;
  • sugar - 3 tablespoons.

Home "Miracle" - chocolate milk - has a simple recipe.He presented below as follows:

  1. Cocoa dissolve in a small amount of cold milk.
  2. remaining milk bring to a boil, add the stir cocoa.Give boil.
  3. in hot milk add sugar.Cool.
  4. resulting drink combine with cream.
  5. Home "Miracle" (milk chocolate) ready.Served well chilled.

Home Cocktail "Bailey" on the basis of chocolate milk "Miracle»

Chocolate milk "Miracle" - is not only a standalone drink.On its basis it is possible to prepare a popular alcoholic beverage 'Baileys'.In fact it is not even a cocktail, but a real liquor, taste is delicate and subtle, with a nice mix of coffee and chocolate.

for preparation of an alcoholic beverage "Baileys" need several ingredients:

  • «Miracle" chocolate milk - 400 ml;
  • vodka - 180 ml;
  • condensed milk - 380 ml;
  • instant coffee - 2 tablespoons;
  • vanilla - 1 package.

Proceed as follows:

  1. The cup whipping send a can of condensed milk.
  2. then add to it chocolate milk in full.
  3. Pour the vodka, add the instant coffee and vanilla.
  4. All ingredients are whipped into a blender or a mixer.
  5. drink is ready.Now it needs to be poured into a bottle and send in the refrigerator.

Shelf life home liqueur "Baileys" shall not exceed three weeks.Cocktail Served well chilled, preferably with ice cubes.Thanks chocolate milk "Miracle" drink adult "Baileys" was prepared quickly and easily.