Bread floor troughs.

No table is complete without bread.After all, if the house is the bread, the family will not stay hungry.In many cultures, it is considered sacred product.Most accustomed to the fact that he is always at hand, and often forget that it is the result of work of many people.One type of this product is considered to be the bread hearth.

traditional manufacturing

hearth addition, there is also shaped bread.They differ in that the former is baked without form.Hearth bread cooked on the hearth, that is, on its floor.This gave him the title.Its advantage is that it does not get stale for a long time and is still fresh to full use.Traditionally, it has a circular shape.Before sending the bread into the oven, how it should be warmed.To do this, a lot of burned wood, and after they burn up, swept the ashes.Bread could be laid bare hands or a shovel.Most often it is placed on the oak leaves or cabbage in order to make it more fragrant.This loaf is baked when exposed to steam, therefore, of particular importance was the furnace roof.The higher it was, the harder it was propech bread.

Modern production of hearth bread

now rarely bakes bread at home.It is much easier to buy it in the store.How has changed the technology of making bread in the modern world?Major changes have occurred due to the fact that the machines used in manufacturing.But otherwise the process for manufacturing such products as bread hearth, virtually unchanged.It is produced using this technology.The first step is diluted yeast in warm water and allowed to stand for a while.After it was dissolved salt and sugar.If required by the recipe - preparing margarine or vegetable oil.Bread floor troughs made from soft wheat flour.It can be wheat or rye.After all the starting materials are prepared, kneading begins.It occurs sponge method.First you need to mix somewhere half leaven and flour.It is left for 3-4 hours, so she "walked" - increased in volume.Thereafter was added the rest of the ingredients.And leave for another 1.5-2 hours.Then in the next workshop dough is divided into pieces and give each of them a spherical shape.These "balls" leave on time to increase in volume.The next step is that the dough goes into the furnace, where steam is transformed into the golden loaf.

Features manufacturing kinds of hearth bread

hearth bread basically made of rye or wheat flour, and combinations thereof.Most of the manufacturing technology of these flours is no different, but there is a small difference.Before planting in the furnace hearth white bread incision.This improves crust loaves.After all, in a test set of gases and vapors that are bursting when heated, can damage the surface of the bread.With the same purpose rye bread hearth pierce a wooden pin.In addition, it makes it easy to recognize these types of bread.Another difference rye hearth bread is that it is better to produce a roasting.That is, the dough before boarding the oven should be fried in a special stone that is heated to 300 degrees C. This procedure leads to the formation of a thin film, which will become after baking in a thick crust.This gives the bread a more refined taste and specific flavor.

Benefits hearth bread

Buying hearth bread, man acquires not only delicious pastries, but also a lot of useful minerals and antioxidants.They contribute to the improvement of bone, skin, digestive and nervous systems, and normalize blood glucose levels.Rye bread floor troughs acts as a kind of cleaner, because it contains a lot of fiber and displays the body of a variety of toxins.Another advantage of hearth bread is that it contains less moisture than shaped and most often prepared from flour dark varieties.This affects the nutritional and weight of bread.Besides it is stored much longer than conventional loaves.A great advantage is also the fact that the bread is baked hearth with steam.That is, it does not have all the preservatives, which are due to contact with oil.If the bread is made qualitatively, without artificial impurity, it will be a very useful product.

Thus, hearth bread prepared anciently.It differs special taste and fragrant crust.Besides, he is very helpful, suggesting that a product should be eaten.