Tale of pearls

"is not true that pearl brings grief and tears, pearls promotes longevity and prosperity. Who wears it, that no one deceive you; he rassudochen and prevents incorrect friends" - so says the "Izbornik" Svyatoslav confirmed by Pamba Berin-doy.Nor is it true that a pearl is a symbol of love, as they say in Azbukovnik.But what kind of a fairy tale told about the pearls on the Pacific coast.

Near the port of Yokohama had once killed a Japanese ship which, in addition to the patterned silks and first-class china was peerless pearl the size of a pigeon's egg.

And the egg was worth 200,000 yen.And it belonged to the beloved daughter of the Mikado ...

sad princess, the place itself is not.Here Mikado and announces who, they say, will bring to the palace pearl egg, found on the seabed, and the reward of the highest grace.

Many brave young men rushes into the bottomless abyss of the precious pearl, but none of them managed to find it, and some brave souls have not emerged from the abyss ...

month passed, two, three.Suddenly it comes to Mikado geisha-witch and said to him:

- There was a pearl egg, but it is very cold.How would your daughter because it will not be forgiven forever.

And who ruled from the abyss, geisha witch-king did not say.

learning of the discovery, the princess was delighted:

- Give - he says - to my palace of courageous young man, I married him get out!

Mikado admonishes his daughter: perhaps the young man who is not of noble birth, and not even the samurai, and rickshaw simple?

- anyway - meets the princess, - marry him.And he commanded the Mikado then lead to the palace of the brave, the future of his son.

Mikado daughter dressed up, prihoroshilas.Seven multi-colored umbrella over her noble samurai held, and seven fans on all sides to fan.

Led diver.Princess looked at him and froze: on the head, like a snake ball, tight braid braided - in those days braids were all Chinese.Once again, the princess looked, yes and shook the whole shivering, even her fingers on the arms, like icicles rattled.

Mikado approached the stranger, looked not a Chinaman in front of him on his knees got (too so they believe), and Japanese is.

- Who are you, and where he learned how to dive into the bottomless abyss? - Asks Mikado.

- I, - says Japanese is - not as they wish, but must necessarily swim and dive, because I-ama, dobytchitsa pearl shells ... I'll see clear, the Mikado, and can not hear.It's too salty sea water, it corrodes the eyes and ears sulfur dissolves.Do not think that I am an old woman: I'm only twenty-third year went.Five years ago, when I first came ashore, I was pink as oleander, and now turned gray and wrinkled like an old turtle ... I'm telling you all this, the emperor, in order to soften your heart, and because,that no one with whom I share: crabs, with whom I often meet at the bottom of the ocean, do not understand the human language ...

With these words, the AMA took from the folds of her kimono a pearl the size of a pigeon's egg, laid it on the marble table with brass dragonsand silently walked out of the palace of the Mikado.

Since then pearls neither love nor hatred no bearing on them has not.

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