What vitamins cherries are most useful for women's health?

few interesting facts to help even more appreciate the tasty and beloved by all berries - sweet cherries.What mineral compounds and what vitamins cherries bring the greatest benefit to the physical and emotional health of women?Consider the properties of cherries.

Dietary product

low in calories and no fat does cherries indispensable dietary product.A serving of berries - it's only 90 calories, and the pleasure and benefit - "sea".One cup of cherries contains about 3 grams of fiber, without which it would not be a complete diet.The rate for an adult of about 30 grams of fiber daily - this amount prevents indigestion, constipation, lowers the rate of cholesterol and blood sugar levels, promotes weight loss.


  • Potassium.The daily rate of this substance - 3400 mg.The servings of cherries contains 300 mg.This member is simply necessary for the normal functioning of the heart, nerve cells, kidney and muscle system.Potassium helps regulate sodium content, which helps balance the water levels in the body - is, in turn, leads to a decrease in swelling and reduction of body weight.

  • Bor.Indispensable mineral for women's health, as it is involved in maintaining the normal calcium balance in the organism, and prevents osteoporosis and other bone lesions.That is why Cherry is so important in the prevention of fractures, especially common among women in menopause and menopause.

  • Fluorine, phosphorus, iodine, cobalt, magnesium, copper.Cherry is rich in these micronutrients.Iron in this berry contains even more than Vishnu.

All about the vitamins in sweet cherry

  • Vitamin C. The effective antioxidant and stimulator of the immune system.In one portion of cherries contains 16% of the vitamin C daily dose.Cherry one of the twenty most powerful antioxidants - substances that protect cells from damage by unstable molecules (free radicals).Dishes containing natural vitamins cherries, are healing.They bring many benefits to the body.

  • What vitamins cherries contained in large quantities?This "beauty vitamin" - E and A. They are indispensable for a good appearance of the woman, the health of her skin and eyes.The stability of the nervous system contribute to B vitamins, helping to cope with stress.


very important hormone that regulates the process of falling asleep and sleeping.Therefore, when sleeplessness causes suffering (anxiety, change of time zones, etc.), it is enough to eat before going to bed or cherry drink some cherry juice - a dream to normal.Here are the results of recent research scientists: in the urine of those who use cherry juice, melatonin content is much higher than those who do not.

What vitamins in cherries help patients suffering from arthritis and gout?

In 2004, American researchers have noticed a significant reduction in pain from gout in patients who ate cherries.Only 45 grams of these berries for breakfast can reduce levels of uric acid in the blood.A considerable amount of uric acid excreted in the urine, thereby preventing it from accumulating in the joints.Find out what vitamins cherries, let's have it at every opportunity.