How to drink water to lose weight?

Water is vital to all living beings.Thanks to carry out all metabolic processes and reactions in each organism.

With insufficient use of clean water affects all body systems, this is not the best way affects the appearance: hair become dry and dull, the skin loses its firmness and flaky nails become brittle.And in general well-being is deteriorating: frequent headaches and dizziness, tiredness and weakness occur, reduce performance and activity.

excellent health, healthy and beautiful appearance, vitality - all this becomes a reality, you only should understand how to properly drink water.To lose weight, drinking regime is also very important.

Water promotes weight loss, and here's why:

  • came to the biochemical process of processing of body fat, water is needed.Capable of dissolving the fat cells only saturated with water.

  • Water helps to eliminate toxins.

  • With rapid weight loss can be observed laxity and sagging skin.Keeping a proper drinking regime, you can be sure that the skin is toned and supple.

  • Adhering too strict diet, you may experience fatigue, apathy, headache, it indicates a lack of minerals (magnesium, iodine, iron, calcium).It helps solve the problem of pure mineral water.

How much should you drink water?The answer to this question can be found by conducting some of the calculations.

the day 450 g of weight is recommended to drink at least 14 grams of water.Your weight, for example - 80 kg, divide this figure by 450, the result is multiplied by 14 to get the result - at least 2.5 liters every day.Those who want to lose weight, you should drink an additional 500 ml.

How to drink water to lose weight?According to many experienced nutritionists, a glass of warm water, drunk on an empty stomach, accelerates metabolism, which promotes weight loss.It will be useful for 20 minutes before eating food drink a glass of purified water.This accelerates saturation and eliminates overeating.

should remember that sometimes thirst is mistaken for hunger, so before a meal with something nutritious, try to drink a small amount of water.Remember, however, that the replacement of a full meal with water can cause serious health problems.

When physical exercise is also important to remember how to drink water to lose weight you could without dehydration and overheating of the body.

During exercise fluid is released in the form of sweat due to this body temperature is kept normal, and the body does not overheat.

Adequate fluid intake during training is very important for the endurance and efficiency of power and aerobic exercise.Moreover, dehydration reduces cushioning joints, which makes them more susceptible to injury.

How much water to drink during a workout?Recommended for 2 hours before training drink approximately 0.8 liters of water for 10-20 minutes - even one cup.During training, after every 10-20 minutes, you should drink about 0.3 liters of water.After class drunk fluid (1.5 liters) to help compensate for the loss of moisture as a result of physical exertion.

Knowing how much and how to drink water to lose weight, you can achieve effective and sustainable results in a relatively short time.