Fracture of the clavicle in the newborn.

injury during childbirth are quite common, however, doctors may try to avoid them.Not always women during labor behave properly, do not always behave the fruit as it is written in the textbooks for obstetricians - many unpredictable moments.That is why the case of injury, fortunately, they are basically not too serious and do not require long-term treatment and rehabilitation.

Genera in terms of the fetus

Many pregnant waiting, but at the same time afraid of the moment when they see your baby.This is not surprising, given how terrible and painful, is rumored to pass labor.However, some women completely forget that not only them, but their children have to go through this difficult path, coupled with the serious challenges when so much depends on the actions of outside people - doctors.

Actually, come to think, during birth babies have to be provided in a very traumatic situation.Almost 40 weeks the child lived in the warm womb, heard the beating of her mother's heart, ate, breathed and get rid of waste products through the umbilical cord - in a word, was in a very comfortable environment.But now the old home just pushes it outward, driving crazy.And in order to see a new world, it is necessary to pass through a narrow passage.In this way the baby move the bones of the skull, and yet he gives his mother a terrible inconvenience.In general, this way can hardly be called pleasant, though he conceived such a nature.Not surprisingly, he may be accompanied by different kinds of injuries.

Birth injuries newborn

Despite the natural process, often something is not quite as it should.Fortunately, the development of medicine makes it possible to provide assistance to women if there are any problems.But too much can not rely on the doctors - they are not gods, but the new mother should behave properly and she is not shifting the responsibility on professionals.

concept of trauma at birth the baby includes a list of possible states, which are the consequence of some pathologies or during pregnancy, or if the resolution of it.These include:

  • hypoxia;
  • cerebrovascular accident;
  • damage blood vessels and nerves;
  • fractures, cracks, displacement of bones;
  • ruptures of muscles;
  • hematoma of the internal organs;
  • hemorrhage.

All this sounds very scary, especially when you consider that it is a very little man, requiring greater attention, even in the normal state.Fortunately, serious birth defects of newborns do not occur very often.But why are they all happen?There are many solutions.


prerequisites to obtaining any injuries during birth can be set.Among them are such pathology of pregnancy, as the image of the fetus and the birth canal, abnormal presentation, cord entanglement, occupation improper position of the head in the pelvis.In addition, the causes can be attributed too high or low rate of flow of labor, stimulation, wrong position or action of the mother.

Sometimes part of the responsibility falls on the doctors who use such antiquated and dangerous methods such as vacuum extraction or forceps.Cephalic also not conducive to the preservation of the health of the baby, but to be honest, it will hardly be carried out without a serious need for it.And generally speaking, any abnormalities in pregnancy and childbirth can cause respective injuries.Fortunately, it usually turns out immediately, during the inspection neonatologist, which means that the necessary measures can be taken quickly enough.

But what can a mother do that to prevent similar happened to her child?First of all - to go on courses for pregnant women, and learn how the birth and why it is so important to listen to the doctors and midwives.And, of course, should not refuse to cesarean section, if it insists doctors - it can help you avoid a lot of problems.

Collarbone Fracture

A newborn at birth there comes a time when the head is already out, and the shoulders yet.And here on the obstetrician requires special accuracy and affection.If you start to pull the head too much, or even allow a small rotation about an axis, you can easily damage the delicate bones.And you can directly trigger the trauma breech unnecessary pressure.Actually, fractured clavicle in the newborn - is one of the most common birth defects.According to current data, it is obtained by 11-12 kids from 1000. Quite often, it is also accompanied by other injuries: paresis and paralysis of the extremities, rupture of sternocleidomastoid muscle, fractures of other bones.


Despite the fact that this injury could not be identified during the initial inspection, it is usually noticed in the first hours or days.On the idea that there was a fracture of the clavicle in the newborn can bring the following features:

  • kid increased restlessness, poor appetite and slow weight gain;
  • a small swelling in the shoulder;
  • asymmetrical folds;
  • uncharacteristic position of the head;
  • elevation of one arm over the other;
  • dangling one of his hands.

Check your doctors may suspect by X-ray study that says clearly, if there is a fracture, and whether it is complicated.Often it is possible to find out and use palpation, but in this case there is the risk to displace debris and exacerbate the damage.So despite the fact that it is quite common, it can not be considered nonsense fractured clavicle in the newborn.


Children, especially the very young, the bones grow together rather quickly, because they are still soft.And most of the fractures does not require any sort of special measures, except that increased attention to the behavior of the baby, careful handling and changing mat.In rare cases, immobilization, immobilization of a limb that is the use of special and tire dressings.Finally, if you really are not lucky, you may need an operation, during which they will gather the pieces together, but the probability of this is negligible, because too rare a complete fracture of the clavicle in the newborn.The consequences of this injury, but rather the lack thereof, and the prospects for its cure, fortunately, almost always pleasing.So do not worry ahead of time.


Treatment of uncomplicated fracture usually does not involve any difficulties - for about a week at the injury site, a so-called corn, which eventually transformed into bone tissue, completing the process of regeneration.If there was a displacement of the fragments, and additional injuries, talk about the prospects difficult - in each case they own, so you should listen to the recommendations of the attending physician.

consequences of fracture of clavicle in the newborn is not usually a major inconvenience to him, because even little effect on the mobility of the limbs.Nevertheless, even if the bone has been quite severely damaged, usually full mobility is restored within two weeks.Any cosmetic damage, coupled with the trauma also go pretty quickly.With reasonable certainty we can say that in general, a fractured collarbone in a newborn does not have any pronounced effects in the future.