10 rules of healthy children's sleep

Grow a single child and in turn growing chore himself in his mother-heroine, and family life in a feat - not difficult.To do this, only we must not sleep.

therefore understand and remember the main thing: a healthy children's sleep - it is a dream that is sweet and comfortable all - both adults and children!

Organization of children's sleep - is the organization of a healthy sleep the whole family.

most simple to the above organization - buy high quality disposable diaper, and is, in fact, the only one childhood dream, which actually exists without your parent involvement - one for you and you have come up and done.

The rest solely in your hands.

After a dream intimately associated with other lifestyle factors - food, walks, air parameters, clothing, hygiene, etc.

Proper nutrition, outdoor games, cleaning, bathing, soft, clean, dry bed - all this takes time, desire, knowledge, skills.

Read, learn, act.

Rule 1. Prioritize

family intact, happy and workable when parents have the opportunity to sleep 8 hours a day.

more than anything else - more eating and drinking, more sleep and fresh air - the child needs healthy, rested and loving each other Mom and Dad.

Rule 2. Decide on sleep mode

Since the birth of the child's treatment should be subject to the regime of the family.

Prepare for the night's sleep beforehand, and cook him a child.Determine the time when night's sleep begins, and let this be a convenient time for you!From 21.00 until 5 am?Please!From 23.00 until 7am?To your health!Chose?Now, try to observe.

Rule 3. Decide where to sleep and with whom

theoretically and practically there are three options:

- a cot in the parents' bedroom - is optimal for infants and up to three years is acceptable;

- a cot in the children's bedroom - ideal for children older than one year;

- sleep in the same bed with their parents - a fashionable craze, most pediatricians are not encouraged and a healthy children's sleep unrelated.

Rule 4. Do not be afraid to wake Sonya

If you want your child to sleep well at night, do not let too much sleep during the day.Unclear?Let me explain.

average daily need for sleep in children is as follows: up to 3 months - 16-20 hours;6 months - 14.5 hours;12 months - 13.5 hours;2 years - 13 hours;4 years - 11.5 hours;6 years - 9.5 hours;12 years - 8.5 hours.

So, we all know that a child under the age of 6 months sleeps approximately 14.5 hours per day.If we want a peaceful sleep for 8 hours of the night, then sleep during the day remains no more than 6.5 hours.And if you oversleep day 9, then 8 hours of sleep at night is unlikely.

Do not be afraid to wake Sonya!

Rule 5. Optimize feeding

In the first three months of life the child during the night can have 1-2 times.At the age of 3-6 months once the night feeding is possible.After 6 months of a child in the night feeding biologically needed.

child may want to handle, a child can require communication, sucking, hissing, swing and demand is increasingly longer and more often as the requirements are met.

Set the rules once and for all.Can I use my mother is not feeding, and to meet the needs of sucking?Can the Pope, who, by the way, to work tomorrow, midnight baby rock, and even sing at the same time?If you think that you can - please, but about a healthy children's sleep can forget.

Try slightly underfeeding in the penultimate feeding and nourishing as possible to feed just before the night's sleep.Remember: hunger - is not the only reason for crying, and plug the children's mouth food at the first squeak.Overfeeding - the main cause of abdominal pain and related sleep disorders.

Rule 6. Have a good day Live

active - walk, sleep during the day in the fresh air, encourage knowledge of the world, and outdoor games.

Exercise (without extremism) is uniquely contribute to the health of the children sleep.

Limiting evening emotional stress has a positive effect on sleep.

quiet games, a peaceful reading good stories, watching the familiar cartoon characters, and finally my mother bayukatelnaya song - what could be better to prepare for the night until the morning ...

Rule 7. Think about the air in the bedroom

clear cool dampthe air in the bedroom - an immutable rule.

airing.Wet cleaning.Humidifier.Thermometer and hygrometer.Regulators in the radiator.

- The optimum temperature - 18-20 ° C, provided that it is a children's room (ie, the place where the child not only sleeps but also lives);If we are talking about children's bedroom, the optimum - 16-18 ° C.

- Optimum relative air humidity - 50-70%.

Rule 8. Use bathing

Evening bathing - a large bath in the cool water - a great way to physically tired, pretty hungry, and then eat with appetite and sleep until morning.

Massage and exercises before bathing, hygiene and warm clothes after - it all enhances the benefits of swimming.

Rule 9. Prepare bed Mattress

tight and smooth - weight baby should not lead to its deflection.Up to two years of any pillows.After two years is entirely possible airbag (standard dimensions child cushion - 40 x 60 cm, and its thickness should be approximately equal to the shoulder width of the child).

bed linen from natural fabrics, wash using a special children powders thorough rinsing.

Rule 10. Take care of the quality diaper

Disposable diapers - the most effective of all human inventions related to sleep.This disposable diapers can improve sleep quality of all family members.

good diaper at night - it's the law, it is the most affordable and easy to implement rule 10 of the rules of healthy children's sleep.

want to have a child was a gentle smooth ass, and you thus slept all night?So you need a good diaper - high-quality, convenient, reliable, proven, effective and safe.

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