How to choose a ladder to the pool?

approach to choosing a ladder to the pool should be carefully and deliberately, because it will serve you not only a means of exit from the domestic "Oasis", but also a kind of decorative element of the situation.Stairs should not be allocated to the general ensemble, and should be in harmony with the surrounding objects, furnishings, even outdoors (if the pool is located on the street).

Ladders for pools are completely different shapes, colors and destiny.With their selection should take into account several factors such as the depth of the water and the growth of those who plan to use it.Try to choose a ladder made of stainless materials - it will save you a lot of hassle in the future for their replacement and repair.Also note on the steps - you need them to be strong and do not slip.Well, if they are covered with rubber gaskets.

also important to see to it that was not near the stairs of additional equipment, such as ski jumps, slides and so on. N. This can cause traumatic situations, and somet

imes may even pose a risk to life.

If your children are present - Pick up a ladder to him and it was convenient for her to climb.Or you can buy two stairs for the pool to make it comfortable for you and your child.Do not try to ban child to swim in the pool, if you fear for his health and life.Sooner or later, he still wants to go there, so it's better to let it occur under your supervision.Just teach him to swim and help, if needed, to enter and exit the pool.Show him how to construct a staircase to the pool - the lock because it does not hang, the child in any case somehow gets back.If your child is afraid of any reason to dive into a swimming pool with a ladder mounted on the side wall of the pool or, when the latter arrangement can be made so-called "Roman input" - a step in the shallow part of the pool.In a ladder your child will not be afraid to dive into the pool, and for some adults are more convenient slopes.

As for inflatable pools - for them also provide certain forms of stairs.They are A-shaped, and mounted on the edge of the pool.These ladders are equipped with steps made of durable plastic, and their legs are placed special tips for avoiding damage to the pool.This type, for example, have a ladder for pools Intex, which are ideal for home mini "lake".

All ladders for pools, manufactured in the world, designed to best protect people from injuries and bruises.In addition, they need to be more and more comfortable.But security, that are trying to provide consumers with manufacturers depends not only on those who create these stairs, but also on those who use them.No company will insure you against injury, if you see fit to use as handrails ladder beams or for any other entertainment.So the fact you'll be happy with your purchase, also depends on you and on your sanity.