Fashion skirts for spring and summer 2008

Of the many different models of skirts, fashionable in the spring-summer season, there are several basic styles, the main focus of which is the amount.

As for the length, the designers do not limit us - popular as very short skirts and midi and maxi length almost to the floor.

trendy: extra long skirt

now design skirts is experiencing not the best of times, the most interesting trend of recent seasons can only be called a gypsy skirt and elongated curvy model.

They correspond to the romantic mood of the summer of 2008, perfectly combined with a short-cut or belted top and fashionable sandals with a strap.Silhouette returns to the feminine and sophisticated forms.

use any colors, but the most impressive will look prints.
Main materials: silky fabrics, Cinzia, transparent materials.

trendy mini Krini

Young women of fashion are likely to enjoy wide-mini Krini - mini-skirt with a lint-free finish.Promises to be a popular model, tight-fitting line of the hips, turning lower in fat build.

But perhaps more successfully will use the skirt, decorated with rows of small frills.These embodiments provide, for example, Luella and D & amp; G.

Mini Krini is also nice suit of clothes for layering, and it is better to wear on popular this season transparent trousers, rather than on leggings or tights.

main colors: white, blue denim or chambray for, bright trendy colors.
Main materials: denim, smooth dense x / cotton fabrics such as chambray, satin translucent materials mini ruffles.

skirts to the knee

as an intermediate option between the elongated skirts and mini-skirts Krini designers offer to the knee.

Their lush, light volume is created by the folds formed by the darts, and a variety of belts and straps emphasize the narrow waist.These models, like no other, suitable for prints and colorful patterns.

colors suitable for any actual color of the season, both solid and in print.
Main materials: Cinzia, taffeta, cotton tight, "wet" silk.

pleated skirt

alternative to the previous model is pleated skirts.They are not as lush, but still quite voluminous bottom.Latest

a variety of folds: counter, bantovye and style kilt, often in combination with tight hip Basques, finishing stitches or loops.

This trend can be seen as a continuation of the popular winter tomboy style: pleated skirts are best worn with cardigan and form-fitting jersey.

Primary colors: neutral, soft, pale tones.
Main materials: summer fabric in a cage, "metal" and transparent materials.

narrow straight skirt

Another silhouette that is different from all other forms of summer - a narrow straight skirt, which because of the shape is called a pencil skirt.

Perhaps these models contradict the romantic mood of the season, but they are very well suited to the direction of a clear, specific silhouettes that evolves in parallel with the main trends of the season.

basic colors: white, indigo, gray tones, bright trendy colors.
Main materials: elastic fabrics, thick cotton summer plaid fabric.

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