How to use vanillin from midges

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When summer comes, lovers outdoors clutching his head, because together with the heat coming and disadvantages, such as the pesky insects.They find you everywhere and always, they are impossible to escape, yet salvation is - a means-repellent.If you use a cream against mosquitoes, then you may be happy to spend time outdoors without worrying about pesky insects, but only up to a certain time.Because an effective means of lice is not yet invented.But do not despair because you can always use proven folk remedies, such as vanillin from midges.

diluted vanilla

It may seem incredible, but vanilla - is a great destroyer of insects, especially of small black flies that often do not allow the passage of the streets.They fly whole clouds and can sit on a man's hand almost the whole swarm of bees - it looks terrible, and not a pleasant feeling.Moreover, some midges in high season can be very aggressive and bite unprotected human, causing severe itching and inflammation.Still, most lice are harmless in this regard and only annoy your bothersome presence in large quantities.But even this can be eliminated by using vanillin from midges.The most common powdered vanilla pods, which is sold in any grocery store.Recipe protector is very simple - you need to be diluted with half a bag of vanilla in a glass of water, as the mix, and the resulting liquid is applied to all exposed skin.After half an hour to do the same procedure with the second half of the bag.After that, you can safely go to the street, because no midges not want you to sit down.

Spraying vanilla solution

However, it is impossible not to recognize that it is not too convenient way to use vanillin from midges.Therefore craftsmen have long come up with a logical way out of the predicament.One need only take a bottle of water and a spray bottle of vanilla, which is fixed in place of bottle caps - and the design is ready.You can spray on your skin as much as necessary solution without dirtying your hands and not saving product.Remember only about the relationship, since a liter bottle of water you need 2-3 sachet of vanillin.The beauty of this method is the use of vanillin is that a homemade spray can take with you and spray yourself in if you begin to feel that lice again flock to you.

Vanilla cream

But the most reliable means of midges is a baby cream, which have all the same vanilla.If the use of vanillin Simuliidae thus the effect will be much better than when diluted powder in water.But this means there is a significant drawback - because of the density of cream in hot weather you just torment sweating.So you have to choose one of the options - or at least a strong tool that can be used with comfort or a powerful protection against insects, the use of which is not too pleasant.