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At a time when job seekers have learned to guess the answers to the questions, take tests, and even control their gestures and posture, handwriting - that's the only criterion by which to judge the candidate's personality.The method of handwriting analysis continues to gain popularity among Western and domestic recruiters.What qualities can be calculated with it?And the handwriting distinguished leader of the slave, and a liar - of an honest man?

quickly and reliably

What is the secret of the popularity of Graphic?

Firstly, that the handwriting is almost impossible to control, and therefore, graphology expertise - the most objective way to evaluate the personality of the candidate."Graphic Analysis devoid of subjectivity and allows you to explore the depths of the unconscious motivations and needs of the person, - says Olga Rahnina, HR director of" Baltschug ".- Applicants can not be prepared in advance to testing in order to improve your score.Of course, people - being adaptive, he instinctively strives to meet social expectations, and handwriting, as if its owner may try to distort it, will give all the secrets of his true "I". "

Second, this method is very easy to use.He did not face inconvenience recruiter and applicant - stress."It should also be noted the convenience of the procedure, as this type of assessment does not take a lot of time of the test from the candidate only needs a sample of his handwriting.Therefore, it becomes possible to analyze even remotely ", - says Olga Rahnina.

What will tell handwriting?

What significant employer traits of the candidate can be identified by a graphological analysis?Method of Graphic quite versatile and allows you to explore the identity of the applicant complex - up to the level of IQ and emotional intelligence.

is most important when hiring weed out candidates who are prone to anti-social behavior or the mentally ill."First and foremost we look degree of social trustworthiness of the applicant, - the expert says.- According to certain characteristics of handwriting can reveal a lot of anti-social qualities, such as fear of failure and avoidance of achievements, possessive impulses and passion of the acquisition, accumulation, desire for power, despotic, excellence, strength, aggression, cruelty, ambition, deceit, cunning, manipulativeness et al. ".

then graphologist looks at the reflection in the handwriting of the qualities needed for each professional."It is also mandatory, we diagnose the presence of socially desirable personality traits.This focus on the achievement of the objectives, assertiveness, efficiency, sincerity, honesty, objectivity, diversity, empathy, the level of development of the personality, IQ, EQ », - says Olga Rahnina.

Ultimately, what will be found in the sample of handwriting specialist, depending on the requirements of a particular position."Of course, we do not understand the handwriting in great detail, as if it was done by psychologists, we only look for the presence of the personal competences of the candidate, who declared in the profile positions," - emphasizes Olga Rahnina.

«For example, if the profile of the post top manager requires leadership qualities, we are engaged in their definition.If a profile manager for the staff requires empathy for people and a well-developed communication qualities, then is estimated handwriting candidates for the presence of these characteristics "- says the expert.

leader handwriting handwriting manipulator ...

It should immediately notify: full Graphic Analysis can only be carried out specialists.Amateur approach can significantly distort the results of the interview."Read a man by his handwriting is not easy, it takes a long time to learn and thoroughly," - emphasizes Olga Rahnina.

Nevertheless expert shares with us some of their trade secrets.This is reflected both in the handwriting of some significant personal qualities:

Leadership .Leadership as Olga tells Rahnina can be identified by the following attributes handwriting:

- the structural organization of the text on the page;

- handwriting is fast, living movement;

- the trend towards large-sized letters, sweeping, sometimes impulsive strokes;- The slope of the line of handwriting or the left;

- not completely fused handwriting or completely separated;

- the narrow end of the field or no field, lines go to the very end.

avoidance of responsibility and achievements .According to the expert, graphic signs of a person's handwriting, avoiding achievements are as follows:

- letters with a tendency to small size;

- handwriting is slow, almost static;

- pravonaklonnost or changeable, fickle slope;

- the distance between words or too tight or too large;

- High fusion, like a man afraid to take a pen from the paper;

- right finite field broad, essentially did not finish until the end, or the winds;

- organization of the text in the paper space might look messy, like porridge or artificially stressed in a frame.

«But the main thing that no one or two of these signs alone do not measure" slave "of the person, - says the expert.- It is necessary to take into account the totality of the dualism and graphic elements, not only because of the presence, but also on the severity of the elements will depend on the interpretation of the characteristics of the individual. "

Conflictness ."If the handwriting resembles a continuous intensive mass and apparent capture of the space on the sheet, the distance between rows is almost no lower appendages of letters cut into the upper zone of the bottom line if the letters are sharp, angular, and push a strong (almost tears the paper), and the whole handwriting unreadable- before you angry, aggressive, unhappy and irritable person, which may be expressed in a strong conflict, insensitivity to others, rigidity and stubbornness "- warns Olga Rahnina.

tendency to manipulate .As suggested by the expert, "If the handwriting looks unreadable letters are written ambiguously, there is a strong thread-like form letters - that before you Handwriting evasive, secretive and tend to hide their true intentions and thoughts are not accustomed to go to their targets in an open and direct way."

What is served?

How to invite the applicant to pass handwriting analysis?As a rule, the tested offer to write the text on any subject.But experts argue that the Graphic Analysis can be successfully combined, for example, with the creative task, and kill two birds with one stone.

Here are the candidates pass the test offers Olga Rahnina:

«Before, I asked candidates to write an essay on an arbitrary topic: leisure, hobby, dream, family, if it is absolutely without imagination - that biography.But recently, after visited the master classes of Svetlana Ivanova, I complicated the task.Please paraphrase the well-known fairy tale and offers a choice of three options: Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs.So I get two complementary assessment method: Graphological and metaphorical (handwriting and semantic installation).

For instance, in the fairy tale of Cinderella can be determined stance of the candidate in such cases:

1. Be hardworking, kind, patient and reward your life.Happiness in life - a good marriage.

2. The main thing - time to leave the family, where you hurt, and find happiness.

3. Always use the chance to ensure that the use of all the possibilities.

A fairy tale about three pigs settings such as:

1. We must live together, t. To. To live apart bad and you can get into trouble.2. Do not be lazy - all will be well.

3. We must help each other, and no misfortune not terrible.

I can say that in their totality, these two methods (Graphic Analysis and creative task) give me more than reliable information about the candidate: his presence on the nature of certain qualities, his deep motivation, the true values.After all, we select staff, not only under the current strategic objectives of the company, but also by its mission and values ​​in general, a good long time. "

Thus, to the list of advantages of Graphic can add compatibility with other jobs.Of course, writing under any circumstances (even in the selection of sales managers) can not be the sole criterion of evaluation.But if you need to calculate the personal qualities of the candidate, the method of Graphic suited, perhaps like no other.

example graphological analysis from Olga Rahninoy

Vocational guidance :

natural orientation to social security: everything connected with education and upbringing.

better able to develop new spheres of activity, the startup of new projects.It has a practical and rational approach to the work.It has good organizational skills, a strong sense of duty and responsibility.

Psychic type of I. Karnaukhov : enthusiast.

Intrinsic motivation :

emotional call to action.It attracts a prestigious position in society, a successful promotion.He needs recognition, attention and respect of others.

General characteristics :

level of the average person.The social orientation of the individual.Fast adaptation, initiative.Thinking the system gives an estimate in terms of ethics (like / dislike).Subjectively evaluate information.It makes decisions under the influence of sympathy, antipathy, listening to their own and others' feelings.

Demonstrates courage and optimism, but does not hide from people their problems, looking for sympathy and support.

does everything at a rapid pace.He can not sit still, can not relax, do not accept routine around and enthusiastically rushes towards new goals.

easily excitable, and entirely in the power of their own emotions and passions, he quickly starts a new business, but his ardor cools quickly.

Communication :

to be proactive communication.The communicative leader.It is easy to make new friends, have a wide circle of friends.

people-oriented, feels the mood of others.He likes to render services to friends and colleagues, especially his efforts noticed and appreciated.For the sake of good relations is willing to compromise.

has neverbalika expressive: facial expressions, gestures, postures, as well as a lot and says enthusiastically.

Cons: does not consider the habits and comforts of others, in the interest of unceremoniously violates someone else's mind.His naturalness and spontaneity in communication sometimes comes to molestation.

Leadership : affected, but he knows how to influence others.He needs assessment by the need for approval, so it would not insist on his point of view and imposes stringent requirements.

Stressoustojchivost :

accumulation of negative with subsequent release.Trying some time to control their emotions, but not for long.Saves a nasty feeling, suffering from non-recognition, it is doubtful, feels useless and abandoned, he falls into a deep melancholy.

Editorial : Author handwritten lines located above are not 100% ready to agree with the assessment that gave him the handwriting expert graphologist (for fans of precision: with these allegations he agrees to 62.5%).Perhaps the fault of this - the lack of personal contact, in which the expert could make a correction on the appearance, behavior and other factors.For example, I would be able to ensure that the subject does not say a lot and not always enthusiastically.At the same time, it is possible that professional psychologists Graphological portrait can tell us more than we know about the subject itself.

Andrey Pavlyuchenko

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