As some animals react to danger

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Gophers in case of danger from the air whistling, and in case of danger to the land - chirp.Marmots are whistling, too, and their whistle can be heard at a distance of 1.5 km.

Wolf in the event of danger concerned about their personal safety.So he can throw their own children: in this case, his chances of survival are increased.

opossum falls in a critical situation, pretending to be dead.This glaze in his eyes, mouth flowing foam and anal glands emit a foul-smelling secretion.By the way, these actions are not intentional, and opossum can not control them: it's completely automatic instinct is associated with fear.

Kangaroo transmit signals to each other about the dangers of using a tail: seeing a predator, they start banging its tail on the ground.Upon hearing this signal, other kenkuru run.Predators usually only fights the leader of the herd.

Elephants, stamping on the ground, able to send a message through the soil at a distance of 32 km.Elephants-recipients perceive the

se messages feet.There are cases when he heard the tramp of feet of elephants, poachers ambushed 60 km, another herd to change the route to bypass the dangerous area.

Marine crabs lobsters - good violinists.Sensing something was wrong, they start to drive a long process at the base of antennas located under their eyes ribbed lip.Emerging loud sound lobster not only warns about the danger of relatives, but also discourages enemies heard this "music", fish in the bay is often cast caught prey that gets tricky cancer.

Normal crayfish in an emergency pee.Also, come and lobster, and they pee through tiny holes around the eyes.The urine contains chemicals with which crabs and lobsters transmit information to each other.

snakes to scare away the enemy, farts, and very loud.

Some ants are able to "explode" to protect their colonies.In critical situations, the ant cuts special cavity (usually part of the stomach) in your body, which collects its pre selection.After the operation, the contents of the cavity is sprayed around.Different types of ants use different substances from poisonous to the hypnotic and nerve.After that, the ant dies.

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