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selection of curious facts.

In what place in the Queen of England can not enter?

only place in Britain where he can not enter a king or queen is the House of Commons.This tradition was introduced members after in 1642, King Charles I tried to arrest five members of the House of Commons for antiroyalistskie views.

How the wife of Louis XIV summer rolled around on a sled?

One day the wife of French King Louis XIV, Madame Maintenon wanted the middle of summer to ride on a sled.The next morning, she staged many kilometers of snow road salt and sugar on the roads of Versailles.

What King fought like a medieval knight, even being blind?

John of Luxembourg in the 14th century for almost 20 years, was a Czech king.But in the Czech Republic almost had instead traveled through Europe and took part in various battles for the French, over the Teutonic Knights.Even blinded, he took part in the battle of Crecy, tied its reins to the reins of two other knights.In this battle he was killed.

As the Swedish king Gustavus III hazardous checked tea and coffee?

Swedish King Gustavus III once decided to personally verify that is more harmful to humans - tea or coffee.For this selected two twins who had been sentenced to death.The first three times a day were given a great cup of tea, the second - coffee.The king himself until the end of the experiment did not survive being killed.The twins lived a long time, but the first in the age of 83 died after all the one who drank tea.

Where the custom sucking nipples king, demonstrating his loyalty?In ancient Ireland subjects demonstrated devotion to the king in a strange way - they suck his nipples.

How provincial French lawyer in the 19th century became the king of the state in South America?

Frenchman Aurélie Antoine de Thun, who lived in the 19th century, a childhood dream of adventure, travel to distant lands and rule their own kingdom.Trained as a lawyer and working in a provincial town, he did not give up their fantasies and carefully preparing for the implementation of the plan.Finding a sponsor, tuna with two companions went to South America for land inhabited by Indians Araucanians.Formally, these territories were part of the State of Chile, but the Indians have successfully fought against the colonialists.French inspired with words of Indians to the proclamation of the new state - Araucanía, they began to rule under the name of Antoine I and had to spend the war with Chile.Although eventually defeated araukantsev and of Antoine I was arrested and sent back to France.

What belongs on the River Thames Queen Elizabeth II?

all unmarked mute swans on the Thames belong to Queen Elizabeth II.The royal family has established ownership of the swans back in the 12th century when they were served as a delicacy.Now the birds do not eat, but right under English law are preserved.

Who of Russian rulers to propose to the Queen of England?

Ivan the Terrible to propose to the English Queen Elizabeth I, but was refused.

Why Canada in 1943 gave one of the wards of the hospital in Ottawa is the status of the Canadian jurisdiction?

During World War II, the Germans occupied the Netherlands, and the royal family was evacuated to Canada.There acting Queen Juliana was born the third daughter Margaret.Chamber in the hospital where the birth took place, the special decree of the Canadian government was declared a Canadian jurisdiction.This was done to Princess Margaret in the future could claim the throne of the Netherlands, after having received foreign citizenship at birth, she would have lost that right.In gratitude to Canadians returning home after the royal family of the Netherlands sends every year thousands of tulip bulbs to Ottawa, where the annual Tulip Festival.

What oracle was disastrous for the king, did not understand its meaning?

Lydian king Croesus, before attacking the Persians, decided to ask the need to do this, the Delphic Oracle.He said that if Croesus will attack, it will destroy a great empire.As a result, the Lydians were defeated in the war, and the prediction was fulfilled yet - only in relation to its own empire of Croesus.

Which monarch survived more than 50 attempts on his life?

Albanian President Ahmet Zogu, the former king and then the country from 1928 to 1939, has experienced more than 50 attempts on his life.In 1931, he tried to kill some of the Viennese theater, when the king sat in the car.Zogu took out his pistol and fired back that saved him - the murderer fled.This is the only case in modern history, when the official head of state personally shot at people who tried to kill him.

Who let the library for her son for 28 years?

Louis XIV ordered the release for the education of his son's educational library of Greek and Roman classics, free from obscenities and escorted commentaries difficult passages.Collection of 64 volumes, was completed 28 years after start of operation, when the son of the very long time has got children.

Which phrase of Frederick the Great chess players has helped to achieve tax benefits?

In 1982, the German Chess Federation, after years of attempts made by the Ministry of Finance recognition of useful chess sport, having educational value (which allowed the federation to obtain tax benefits).The decisive argument was the quotation from the letter of the Prussian king Frederick the Great: Chess raising the propensity to think independently.The end of this sentence, which is the federation chose not to bring, read: ... and therefore they should not be encouraged.

who apologized for the fact that the executioner came on foot?

when the French queen Marie Antoinette led to the guillotine, she stepped on the foot of the executioner.Excuse me, I did it by accident - this phrase has become her last words.

Why Bluetooth is the name?

Bluetooth technology was named after the Danish king Harald I Sinezubov.In the 10th century the Danish king united the scattered tribes, and Bluetooth was designed to do the same with communications protocols, uniting them into one universal standard.

What expression originated from the decree to brand the foreheads of criminals?

Queen Elizabeth in 1746 ordered to brand the foreheads of criminals.From here are the origin of many sayings: written on my forehead, stigmatize and seasoned web offender.How

in a row was actually a Swedish king Karl XII?

Job Swede Magnus John about the history of the 16th century Swedish kings was invented, but still has serious consequences.Magnus came up with 5 to Eric Eric the Victorious and 6 to Charles Charles Sverkerssona.Therefore, the famous King Charles XII was in fact only the sixth.

What floats famous Henry the Navigator?

Portuguese Prince Henry (Henrique) the Navigator will not sailed as captain and very little which was chosen from Portugal, and got the nickname because he was the organizer of many Portuguese expeditions that led to the discovery of new land.

who executed the poets of the sad poetry?

Chinese emperor Qianlong executed poets to write sad poems.

What the French kings ruled for 20 minutes?

The July Revolution of 1830 led the French King Charles to abdicate, with renunciation, and he demanded from the eldest son (to hand over power to his grandson, Henry).Duke of Angouleme signed an abdication in 20 minutes, so that from a formal point of view, it is the 20 minutes he reigned as Louis XIX.

who went into exile bell?

In 1681 alarm bell Kremlin was signed in St. Nicholas Karelian Monastery because its ringing broke the dream of Tsar Fedor Alekseevich.In 1591 on the orders of Boris Godunov, cut off his ears and tongue pulled out of Uglich bell, telling people about the death of Prince Dimitri;then he was exiled to Tobolsk.

Why English King called the old copper nose?

English King Henry VIII instead of manufacturing silver shillings began to mint their copper, then silver plating.Silver quickly erased, especially in the most protruding parts, which include the nose of the king.Because of this the king was nicknamed old copper nose.

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