Test "How much do I live?"

average life expectancy is increasing.But everyone is still wondering how he will live.This test is made by American physicians.I advise you to answer the most sincere, not truthfully.Special attention should be paid to the fact that the test results are not definitive "diagnosis".Maybe you need something to change your lifestyle.

Age does not matter.Anyway, you 20 or 50. But the sooner you give up bad habits, the better.

So, take the number 72. It will need to subtract or add to it as a result of your typed answers glasses.

If you are a man of 72, subtract 3. Women need to add 72 4 - they live on average seven years longer than men.Therefore, in men it is the basis of their average life expectancy - 69 years, women - 76.

If you live in a town with a population of over 1 million people, then subtract 2 years.

If you live in the village with a population of less than 10,000, then add 2 years.

If you are busy working in mental work, subtract 3 years, if the physical - add 3 years.

If you exercise five times a week at least half an hour, then add 4 years;

if two or three times - add 2 years.

If you are married (married, about to marry), add 5 years.

If not, subtract one year for every 10 years of bachelorhood (since the age of 25).

If you are constantly sleep more than 10 hours, subtract 4 years.If, for 7-8 hours, do not subtract.

If you sleep poorly, subtract 3 years;more fatigue as too long sleep - signs of poor circulation.

If you are nervous, quick-tempered, aggressive man, subtract 3 years.

If calm, steady - add 3 years.

If you are happy, then add 1 year if unhappy, subtract 2 years.

If driving you constantly break the rules, subtract

1 year.

If you are constantly short of money all the time and you are looking for, where you could earn, subtract 2 years.

If you have a high school education, add 1 year.

If higher education - 2 years.

If you are retired, but continue working, add 3 years.(Total inactivity, lack of communication shorten life.)

If your grandfather (grandmother) lived (a) up to 85 years, add

2 years, when both lived to 80 - 4 years.

If one of them died before the age of 50 years (he died of a stroke, a heart attack ...), subtract 4 years.

If one of your close relatives, before the age of 50, died of cancer, heart attack ... subtract 3 years.

If you smoke more than three packs a day, subtract 8 years.If a pack of 1 - 6 years.If less than a pack - 3 years.

If every day you drink a drop of alcohol, subtract 1 year.

If your weight compared to normal for your age and height exceeds 20 kg, subtract 8 years if 15-20 kg, then - 4 years, if the 5-15 kg - 2 years.

If you are a man over 40 years and takes place every year preventive medical examination, add 2 years.

If you are 30-40 years old, add 2 years;40-50 - 3 years;if more than the year 50-4.

number that get you in the end, is the age at which you can live.But, of course, you exceed it if you better take care of yourself and give up bad habits.

Articles Source: azps.ru