How many Russian tanks?

Each of us has the famous phrase of the Roman historian Cornelius Nepos (94-24 gg. BC. E.): "If you want peace - prepare for war."Due to the fact that Russia's foreign policy in recent years is gaining activity (eg, intervention in the conflict between the US and Syria, the return of the Crimea, and so on. D.), Many sensible people a lot of questions about the combat capability of our state.After all, sooner or later find a cut diamond, and to resolve the issue through political means is unlikely to succeed, then there will be only forceful intervention.And it is understood by many, so more and more in various forums can be found matters of this nature, "How many Russian tanks?", "What submarine?" And so on. D. This interest reflects the concern of people for the country's future: whether it can withstand the armedattacked by, say, China or NATO forces.In this article we will answer the question of how many Russian tanks, consider what kind of armor, what are its characteristics and what is the most modern tank in service in our army.

What kind of arm?

Russian armored forces are the main striking force of the Army.Mostly they are used in conjunction with motorized rifle divisions on the main lines.This branch is designed to perform the following basic tasks:

1. In defense - direct support motorized infantry in repelling an enemy attack, causing counterattacks and counterattacks.

2. In the offensive - the application of high-power dissecting the front shocks to a greater depth, the development success, the defeat of the enemy in counter campaigns and battles.

Russian armored forces are divided into brigades and battalions, they have great firepower, resistant to damaging factors of nuclear weapons, high maneuverability and mobility.They are able to maximize the results of nuclear or destruction by fire, in the short term to achieve the ultimate objective of the operation or battle.

combat capabilities

panzer divisions of Russia, their compounds and offices allow to conduct active operations both day and night, in substantial isolation from the main forces to conduct raids on the enemy's rear, destroy the enemy's equipment and manpower in opposite battlesand battles, the move to overcome the zone of radioactive contamination as well as to force the water bodies.In addition, they are able to quickly create a very solid defense, as well as to successfully resist the attacks of vastly superior enemy forces.

development of the combat capabilities of the armed forces is done by equipping its more advanced types of armored vehicles, which optimally combines the following major fighting qualities: high firepower, maneuverability and reliable protection.The improvement of the necessary organizational forms play an important role armored division combined arms nature.It is primarily responsible maintenance tactics of modern combat operations.

Russian tank forces: the revival after the fall?

crisis that hit the Russian army in the 90s of last century, of course, has not bypassed and tank forces.And concern of inhabitants, wondering "how many Russian tanks," is justified.After all, the nineties were literally black page in the history of our army.Get at least a rapid withdrawal of troops from Mongolia and Eastern Europe, where the set-date technology at the time was left in the adjacent areas, and the one that was returned was, in fact, thrown in the mud, with the corresponding consequences for the equipment.As a result, costly machines were brought to the state of the metal.In addition, the substantial damage suffered and staffing: a huge number of very promising officers with an impressive combat experience were forced to leave the armed forces.

first "bell" for the country's leadership was the conflict in Chechnya as part of a hastily assembled, often faulty and dismantled equipment, began to suffer serious losses.However, this would not stop the further degradation of the Russian tank troops.The quality of training of the poor, and the acquisition of a new generation of technology is completely phased out.Development of new models kept the enthusiasm of designers and engineers, as well as individual commanders.Defense industry, which produces armored vehicles, or becomes bankrupt or reoriented for export.

Home rebirth

New Century Russian battle tanks met, fighting in Chechnya.The sad experience of the first campaign has been accounted for, and now the loss among the armored vehicles have been significantly less.In 2000 it was first announced that creates a new modern tank, known as T-95, or "Object 195".He was supposed to go to the troops already in 2005. However, this did not happen.The first purchase took place in 2004, but did not adopt the long-awaited T-95 and upgraded T-90A, and then only in an amount of 15 units.In 2005 it was acquired by another 17 cars.These modern Russian tanks were the best at the time production models, but the new century and new technology required, and the amount of supply is clearly not meet the requirements of the vast country.Only with the 2006 purchase of steel carried out in acceptable amounts, in addition, actively carried out the modernization of the "old" technology.However, the best Russian tank (T-95) and remained a dream: his delivery always postponed.

Woe reformers

The program adopted by the Ministry of Defense has been re-painted in detail how much armor you need to upgrade many new tanks should be manufactured.True, and it was not clear which models need to produce: T-90A and T-95?As a result, the decision was sent to the Georgian conflict passed through the two Chechen wars tattered T-72B, and nicknamed the "museum" T-62.Armored forces in this operation showed his best side, so that the southern group had adopted the main Russian tank - T-90A.Probably, in order to cool the militant Saakashvili.

After the above-described events in the country begins the next reform of the army.As a result of Russian armored troops have been relegated to the level of a few battalions and brigades.Woe reformers rejected the acquisition of T-90A, were completely halted development of a new combat unit "Burlak".And, most importantly, promising the most modern Russian tank - T-95 - have not got off the assembly line, was sent to the scrap.However, the country's leaders come to their senses in time, he was removed from office by the Minister of Defence and appointed a new one.The result of these changes was a new major project in tank - the development of a new platform, "Armata" based on the T-95 and "Object 640" ("Black Eagle")."Armata" is a universal platform for a new generation of armored vehicles: self-propelled guns, tanks, armored infantry and support, as well as for repair and recovery techniques.This setting has no analogues in the world, here are collected all innovations Russian CB.

Still ahead

2013 became a landmark in the life of Russian tank forces: as shown by numerous unannounced inspections, many of the reforms have not affected the quality of the training.Therefore strongly decided to dramatically increase emissions standards ammunition.Moreover, much has been done and to increase the prestige of this arm.Once is not abused "tank biathlon", but due to data competitions citizens of our country for the first time in many years, remember that we have, it appears, still has a tank forces.Kantemirovskaya division was reconstituted.And now there is actively upgrading and modernization of military vehicles.Already today, albeit experimental, but the first samples of the family "Armata".

However, unfortunately, it is too early to talk about results.One can only note a positive trend.In response to readers' questions about what the tanks in service with Russia are today, we can only state the fact that there is still the basis of our sun is a park of old machinery T-72B and T-80BV.There is still much to do to ensure that our army has become a truly modern.

tanks in service with Russia: T-64

This model was designed in 1960 and its production began from 1963, and adopted it was adopted in 1967.The design of this machine used an improved version of the traditional assembly scheme tower technology with rear engine compartment and split-crew members.These tanks installed 100-mm rifled gun with ammunition of 50 rounds.Hurting differentiated monolithic armor, two-stroke diesel power unit, manual transmission.Frontal elements of the tower and the body can withstand a direct hit by 100-mm armor-piercing projectiles from a distance of one kilometer.As you can see, these tanks are in service with the Russian 47 years, and this is a period of time.At the time, the T-60 tank was a great representative of the family and was able to compete with the machine armed with NATO, but time goes on and technology park requires modernization and urgent.

Battle Tank T-72

Serial production of the T-72A continued from 1979 to 1985 at the plant in Nizhny Tagil.Later on its base have begun to produce export version - T-72M, and then its further modification - T-72M1.After 1985, the serial production was modernized T-72B and its export version of the T-72C.Last tank and still reliably serving in our army.In addition, he massively exported to Eastern Europe, India, Finland, Yugoslavia, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait and Algeria.As you can see, the geography of very extensive.He showed excellent results in various climatic conditions, and despite his advanced age, continues to serve in different parts of our planet.On it were installed diesel power units, capable of speeds up to 65 km / h, and highly reliable 125-millimeter cannon.Machine weight was 41 tonnes.On the basis of this tank we have developed ARV-1 engineer vehicle IMR-2, launched bridge MTU-72.

Battle Tank T-80

This car had adopted in 1976.She became the world's first production model with the main power plant based on a gas turbine engine.Development of the system began in 1955, GTE has been finally adopted in 1968.It was a power unit, whose power is 1000 liters.from.The design of the combat vehicle used items, used and tested on the T-64A automatic loading, gun, ammunition, components and separate control mechanisms armor protection and fire.The new machine has led to an increase in weight of the tank, and hence change the dynamic characteristics.As a result, designers had to design a new chassis: caterpillar with treadmills, coated with rubber, hydraulic shock absorbers and torsion bars with improved performance, support, and support rollers, the leading guide wheels.

Battle Tank T-90

This best Russian tank is an improved T-72B.Adopted in 1993, the appearance of the car was caused by the necessity of modernization (including the Gulf War), the existing models of equipment and reorientation of production on Russian components exclusively, because after the collapse of the USSR of the defense industry remained abroad.These modern Russian tanks have a very low profile.The frontal armor round flat tiled tower reinforced armor active type of the second generation.Felling of the driver is located in front of the body.Above him are placed hatch and observation system with a wide-angle optics.The bow of the acute-angled equipped with a special oval.The tank is a 125-mm gun, equipped with a thermal insulation cover.

How many Russian tanks?

now cease to weary the reader and move on to the main subject of this article.Let us see what is the number of tanks in Russia and give the top 10 countries on this parameter.It turns out that our country is an absolute leader here: on the balance of the Ministry of Defence appears no less, already 18 177 units of military equipment mentioned.Of these, constitute the basis of tanks T-72B (7144 pcs.), T-80 (4744 pcs.) And T-64 (4000 pcs.).In addition, armed with T-62 (689 cars) and T-55 (1200 tanks).Least of all in armor, there are armored vehicles of the new generation - the T-90, there are only 400 units.You agree that this is a negligible figure for such a large army.Let us hope that in the near future the situation will continue to change, and in a few years statistics change for the better.

Now let's see what country has the second place in our ranking.It is the United States - the main competitor of Russia in the political arena.US Army has 9125 tanks, of which 8725 units M1 "Ambrams."As you can see, the US military are conservatives - the basis of their armored forces is only one model.Third place in the ranking is our eastern neighbor and strategic partner - China, which are in service with 8,500 armored vehicles, 500 tanks are "Type-99".The three leaders pulled away from his pursuers far.Thus, the fourth place is, oddly enough, Syria with their 4750 machines, and most of them has a proud inscription: "Made in Russia".Next on the list followed by Turkey - 3763, India - 3569, Egypt - 3380, North Korea - 3300, Israel - 3283, and closes the top ten South Korea - 2823 units.

And why all this?

The data show that the number of tanks in Russia is much higher than the number of units of its nearest competitor (almost twice).Pacifist-liberal-minded reader can burst an angry tirade about the wasted money (in the establishment and maintenance of such uymy "iron").However, in response to it, you can recall the ancient wisdom with which we began this article: "If you want peace - prepare for war!" After all weak in the world today be dangerous.If not periodically to give the neighbors "in the teeth", that you can lose, if not all, then a lot.Thus, our strategic partner, China, dreaming of how to grab yourself right up to the Urals, Siberia, and NATO is already knocking from the West to our door.

Incidentally, in response to recent events in Ukraine can be a little to expand our review.It turns out that on the balance of the Defense Ministry in Kiev in 2522 is a tank, which is the eleventh position in our rating.However, these statistics are taken before the start of the conflict with our neighbors, so that after the loss of the Crimea and the outbreak of hostilities in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, this figure may be reduced.Even in the official controlled Kiev sources reported combat deaths among armored vehicles and even to move some of the military on the side of the rebels.Anyway, enough about sad, back to Mother Russia.

future tank production

As previously reported, the Russian army is developing advanced system "Armata", which will be the basis for the creation of new types of armored vehicles.In this regard, in 2015, it plans to start a major upgrade of mechanized and armored forces, and next year - the introduction of a new series of machines in all of the armed forces of our country.One such model is the latest Russian tank T-99.This copy will be equipped with an improved version of the 125-millimeter guns.One of the main tasks assigned to the designers - is losing weight machines to increase maneuverability and mobility.In fact, for these parameters, and "burned" T-95 "Object 195".After all, the main task of our tanks - is to protect the long land borders.Armoured plays a key role in maintaining military parity against any threat.It should be understood that our country is not only a vast territory, but also a great variety of climatic conditions.Before designers poses a major challenge: the creation of a technology that can operate reliably in conditions of the Arctic, and in southern regions of our vast country.Here are all these conditions and must meet the T-99.Tank (Russia has always stood "Kulibina" to handle any impossible, it would seem, the task) the new generation is almost ready for mass production.As stated by the Ministry of Defense, the first copies will demonstrate to the public at the parade May 9, 2015.So it is necessary to wait and hope that the country will be covered once the political crisis, able to destroy any initiatives.