How to make a machine: tradition and modernity

From childhood, boys, and many girls are attracted such a miracle of technology, like a car.Shining his painted, velvet voice rumbling motor and charming wink of headlights, the car fascinates and captivates the kids and adults in the courtyards of the houses and on the roads of the city.

car in the classic sense

To understand how to make the car, consider the simple classic toy model.At the moment, a small copy of the car so perfectly follows the original, it does not find a better example.Thus, the main part of any machine:

  • body, the metal frame of the car from coupe various modifications to the wagon;
  • chassis wheelbase, interconnected using axes and bars;
  • engine, the internal combustion engine;
  • transmission gearbox.

most important when you create children's toys, as well as in the issue of the vehicle wheel is invented in ancient times.Of course, part of the body it is not, but in the rest of the units used in almost in the majority.

Let's start with the chassis.Furthermore, the wheel - is the main element, so also all other parts - a combination of large and small wheels and balls in the form of bearings, brake discs and other.In the presence of teeth on the wheel, it gradually turns into the category of the gear, and (in the aggregate) camshafts, which form a transmission and engine components, and the point in the statement that the main wheel in the car, put the steering wheel.Another important in the classic version, but in the modern, it is the power supply of all devices on the wire from the battery and the generator.

trends of the era, and modern machine

Every year brings new developments in the automotive industry, and modern technology is being introduced in more densely classic image of the car.Today, more and more often on the streets you can find cars with alternative or hybrid motor, running on a variety of fuels and energy.Normal cassette recorder does not attract buyers as head unit with the ability to connect cameras and sensors required when parking, and additional connectors for modern devices.The annual presentation of several international auto shows, concept cars, more people do not pay attention to how to make the car, whether it is real, and what will it be a production model or remain bench.Therefore, every year the car turns into a new futuristic objects, blurring the classical understanding of the names and their essence.

real possibilities of cars from the screen

On the cars of the main characters are fantastic in their performance.They can be transported in time, be transformed into a huge robot controlled from a smartphone or a remote control, speech recognition and analysis of the situation while driving.But the most important feature of all the cars in the film - is the protection of the opposing side, and possession of technology that gives an advantage over the opponent.

For many of the legends in the movie, no matter how the car is done, the main thing - from that.Some heroes are endowed with auto-body and bulletproof glass, others - the presence of additional, so to speak, attachments in the form of weapons, scanners and other chips.Almost all of them are fast and maneuverable, even the "Volga" of Soviet film on the screen look more high-speed, and a waltz with driving maneuvers hath delighted domestic audience.In fact, a few cars with the silver screen is not something that does not exist in reality, and even unable to move independently.Most, of course, is an advanced prototype production models of existing cars, and in symbiosis with the skillful actions of motorsport professionals ready to shock and surprise us.But do not amuse themselves with illusions - as the machine is made for the film, it will never be presented to the mass market.

epic trilogy "Taxi" and engineering discoveries

Separately want to note the car of the French trilogy about the "normal" taxi.Such changes are not subjected to serial machine in any film.That just does not come up with designers (and probably the whole cinematic artist) to create an image of the French supercar!Announce each subsequent series was accompanied by a lot of comments and headers with a single phrase: "And at this time how to make a car from the movie" Taxi "will be?" The efforts of the designers on tuning and engineers of computer graphics allow normal city taxi not only change your appearance butand ride on the snow-capped mountains and even fly.