Interesting facts about plants.

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plants of our planet is not just serve as decoration and landscaping.They are an important link in maintaining the life of all breathing creatures.In addition, plants can give signals and to communicate with the animal world.Therefore, it would be wise to learn the details and interesting facts from the life of plants.


Although we may feel that we are so familiar with fruit, yet many will be curious to learn some interesting facts about the crop plants.

  • If you disrupt the apple and put it in the water, it will not sink, because it contains 25% air.
  • lemon sugar more than the strawberries.
  • In the Renaissance, it was thought that oranges saved from the plague.Because of this, they established a huge cost and so they could only afford to know.
  • papaya juice is a better solvent against contamination.
  • Lemon, due to its acid, may serve as a guide.For example, if a simple light bulb soldered copper and zinc wires and insert them into the lemon, it will light up.


But surprise can not only fruit.For example, corn contains a rare element - gold.Besides, each ear - an even number of grains.Also worth noting is another interesting fact about the plant.Corn never run wild, because it can not grow if it did not put a person.It can not spread self-seeding.

Before the rice grains used in interrogations.They served as a lie detector.The suspect was given a handful of rice in his mouth, and then forced to spit it out.If the grass remained dry it means a person is guilty because of fear he does not produce saliva.

facts about berries

  • In some places, the strawberries considered nuts.In addition, it is the only berry with seeds on the outside.
  • but interesting facts about the crop plants are not limited.For example, in India are using bananas as a tool for deflating the ships at sea.The surface on which will go to transport, plaster of this berry and it slides.To descend a vessel spends about 20 thousand fruit.
  • Previously, to make gray paint, strawberries dipped in milk, and the mixture was heated.
  • In 1951 he was received variety of watermelons, in which no seeds.But the biggest challenge was the fact that this fruit without seeds did not give "offspring."

details about legumes

  • Peanuts - it is not a nut, as many believe.It belongs to the legume family.
  • Peanut Extract is a component that is part of the dynamite.
  • There is another interesting fact about a plant called the peas.Seafarers consider him an enemy because of one event.The ship named "Dnepr", passing by the reef, got a small hole through which water burst into the compartment with peas.Through time, legumes began to swell inside and destroyed the ship.

Facts about bumps

special curiosity cause gymnosperms.They are attracted not only by their external characteristics, but also the inherent characteristics.Here are some interesting facts about the gymnosperms:

  • The geometry is the concept of "cone", and it appeared because of the word "Konos" (meaning pine cone).
  • in France were arrested two Spaniards, who collected his truck cones.They were called "plunderers of nature", and above them was scheduled for trial.
  • to feed a protein required from 100 to 150 cones.Each of these animals were treated for three minutes.Pine cones to handle it better than spruce.
  • In Russia pine resin is an oral medicine.When one of her chewing his teeth stronger and thus the mouth disinfected.
  • Ripe cones react to moisture in the air.When the weather is dry, they are opened and vice versa.

exotic edible plants

for the Russian people seem especially surprising exotic vegetation.Therefore it will be exciting to see interesting facts about plants that are not seen outside the window.

  • Oceania can plant and grow breadfruit.It is bearing fruit, "loaf", each of which weighs about 12 pounds.Inside the plant is ripe sweet "test", which you can feed his family of his baking food.These trees bear fruit about 70 years.
  • Venezuelan galaktodendrona juice can be drunk raw.It resembles the taste of cow's cream, mixed with sugar.And if you boil the sap of the tree, from it you can get an unusual cheesecake dessert.
  • worth mentioning an interesting fact about a plant that grows on the shores of the Gulf of Guinea.It is a palm tree, which bears fruit and nuts.Juice, when thickened, closely resembles quality butter.
  • There are some plants that can replace candy.As sweets are better than sugar.These plants include stevia.For food, you can use its leaves.But there is a bush, which is considered the most sweet plant.It grows in West Africa and called ketemf.
  • a tree, whose fruit can replace a dessert, is a plant that grows in Oceania.This plant is very similar to all the familiar taste of cakes.

Of course, there are many amazing trees, shrubs and herbs that we have never seen.But I would like to mention the last interesting fact about a plant with edible leaves.It Kaliri Kanda from India.The locals called him "fool the stomach".This is not surprising, if only two leaf eat, appetite is lost for a week.It creates the illusion of fullness.On the basis of this plant are now making tablets and syrups, intended for people with excess weight.

records of all land plants

Almost every type of vegetation has its champions, which differ by age, size, color, or other notable features.The following are offered basic interesting facts about plants from all corners of the earth.

  • growing lichen in Antarctica, which has more than 10 000 years.The growth of this plant is very slow.For a hundred years it can grow only 3.5 millimeter.
  • In some places grown unusual plants.It is known as "gourd".Its fruits have a shape in the form of liquid.If you try, you can even collect service.
  • in the waters of the Amazon was found lily leaves which reached two meters.If they put the baby, it will keep the plant.
  • most unpleasant smelling plant is Amorphophallus.The smell resembles rotten fish and disgusted.
  • Arabidopsis is probably the most picky plant.It is in space could dissolve and give to the seeds.
  • In China, there are bamboo, which is called listokolosnik.It is surprising that grows at a rate of 40 cm per day.
  • carob plant in antiquity was the standard weight accuracy.Every seed has always had its weight of 0.2 grams.Gradually, this measure was called karate.

Nature Russia

Although overseas plants impress with their performance, you can also find interesting facts about plants in Russia.For example, in the mid-latitudes occurs horsetail hibernating.It is surprising for its unusual stiffness.Its stem is able to leave even a scratch on the steel surface.

also have distinguishing feature cherry - this berry may replace aspirin.As part of its present anthocyanins, which have a similar effect.

Many people know the plant belladonna.It is poisonous, but, despite this, the Russian beauty dripped in his eyes, to make them clearer by expanding pupils.This substance acts intoxicating, causing strong wrath.